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Bristlecone Shooting (@bristlecone_shooting) Instagram Profile Photo

Bristlecone Shooting

Just in at @bristleconeshooting the new Sig P320 XFIVE Legion in 9mm, 5" bull barrel with upgrades all around the new Legion . Only one in stock so come and get it! $934.99 #mondaygunday

Starting the week off breaking stuff with the team. #mondaygunday

Tactical Shooter in Training (@vegaconcealment) Instagram Profile Photo

Tactical Shooter in Training

Huntsville, Alabama

Got some new things for my bday yesterday . I was super excited to try them on and my first impression was β€œWOAH” πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜β € .β € .β € Comfortable is my new name. My husband got me the from @trexarms and @vakandiapparel Capri yoga pants. β € .β € .β € Being a female is hard at times because I don’t always like to feel strapped down or adjusting. The holster gives me a new way to train and the yoga pants help with comfort. β € .β € .β € It’s not always practical to carry this way but it is nice to have a new way to practice fundamentals at the range.β € . . β˜€οΈ Click on my profile to view me using it on the range 😎 .β € .β € .β € @graith_gear @dangerousbutgood #mondaygunday

So close and yet so far. Check cashed on Aug. 8, 2018. Hopefully coming in any day now. Thanks to @brothersfirearmshop for putting on the @deadairsilencers flash hider and letting me β€œtest fit” the long quiet boi. . . . . . . . #mondaygunday

Tier 1 Concealed (@tier1concealed) Instagram Profile Photo

Tier 1 Concealed

Monday Gunday with that subtle Tiffany Blue behind Wolf Grey (AXIS slim) and a @spyderco_inc Yojimbo 😍 β€’ #mondaygunday

Do you guys have these in mens large? I need one asap #mondaygunday @gruntstyle @godnguns

Karis Kline (@kariskline) Instagram Profile Photo

Karis Kline

#mondaygunday There is no more comforting feeling than a hay stall full of hay. Finally. Thanks to Dan and @jgouzd2 for kicking and throwing bales πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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