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Jennifer Irwin (@jenirwinauthor) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer Irwin

Food |Local Business |Promoter (@longislandfoodsavage) Instagram Profile Photo

Food |Local Business |Promoter

Jennifer Goldberg (@goldie0508) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer Goldberg

Jennifer Irwin (@jenirwinauthor) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennifer Irwin

Migue García. (@miguegarcia._) Instagram Profile Photo

Migue García.

Beauty&Melnik Host 🔱 @THEMBH (@beauty_and_melnik) Instagram Profile Photo

Beauty&Melnik Host 🔱 @THEMBH

Boxing Domination (@bxngdomination) Instagram Profile Photo

Boxing Domination

Thanks to @mattmacklin82 shouting out my page. 👏🏽🥊🔥

Spearo_addicts (@spearo_addicts) Instagram Profile Photo


@petercorreale Anyone that hunts Striped Bass consistently knows that its a numbers game. Finding the fish is most always the easiest part, but having the ability to distinguish a say forty eight pound fish from a fifty pound fish in a large school of fish all in the same size range seems to be the hardest part of putting a bigger fish on the boat. Sometimes its better to be lucky then good, and this past friday, while diving in the second annual Montauk Monster spearfishing tournament, I got lucky. I spent most of the day passing on countless fish looking for something bigger, and as the tide slacked out, the fish disappeared as they usually do. A bit frustrated, I opted to continue diving, as we were getting very close to calling it for the day. I ended up diving out in deeper water in a area where we would usually never see Stripers, and I came upon a massive school of fish, all of them in the large size class. As I neared the end of my breath hold, and with my trusty Ulusub 120 in hand, I decided to take this fish, which seemed to be just a little bit bigger then the other fish around him. With that said, I firmly believe that I was seeing other fish in the school that were bigger. This bass hit the scale at 60.35 pounds, a benchmark number for this species. As stoked as I was to capture a specimen like this, I could not help but wonder what else was in that school. This fish also gives perspective to Dave Hochman’s ( @spearitcharters )sixty eight pound monster world record. It also shows how cool it is that Chris Miller ( @montaukdiver ) has put a couple fish in the sixty pound class on his boat over the years.... Thanks to Kevin ( @kpoirier27 ) and James ( @westlakefishhouse ) for hosting a great event, and Seth ( @sethw_22 ) for providing the ride....... @ulusub_spearfishing #mtk

Grupo BuNKeR (@grupo_bunker) Instagram Profile Photo

Grupo BuNKeR

Si necesitas ayuda con tu página web, tus redes sociales o simplemente promoción online, no dudes en contactarnos ¡envíanos un whatsapp +52 1 33 36317000! 📢🖥📲🎥📸🎙📻 . . . #mtk

Dria Murphy (@driamurphy) Instagram Profile Photo

Dria Murphy

Montauk, New York

looking back on a great weekend spent with amazing friends. got the chance to bring together people from all different parts of my life and it was so special. when you move to the opposite coast your friends really become your family and I’m so grateful

East Hampton, New York

Maybe the darkness is from your eyes

MTK Brasil (@mtk_brasil) Instagram Profile Photo

MTK Brasil

Atenção Pescador(a) 🎣🎣 Chegaram os novos modelos de protetor para carretilha! Compatíveis com modelos que possuem engrenagens maiores! Gostou? A MTK Brasil está sempre se atualizando para trazer o melhor aos seus clientes! Em breve nas melhores lojas do ramo de todo Brasil. 😍 #mtk

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