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Daniel De Busk

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♈️ Celeste 💫

♈️ Celeste 💫 (@heavenlylily06) Instagram Profile Photo

♈️ Celeste 💫

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Andrew Grill

Tynte Street, North Adelaide

50 years ago today, this is me in North Adelaide, Australia watching the . To celebrate I’m going to watch the @apollo11movie this afternoon. #nasa

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Innovision, NIT Rourkela

The extent of Mars exploration to date has been some unmanned rovers and orbiters. Humanity will have to go far afield to notch another spaceflight feat with the cultural haul of Apollo 11. The epic first moon landing, which occurred on July 20, 1969, inspired a generation, impulsive minds around the world to care about space exploration and science. Certainly, many of us are taking sometime this week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and take repute of its patrimony. Similar splendour will likely attend the semi centennial of the first crewed Mars landing, which NASA aims to pull off in the 2030s, agency chief Jim Bridenstine said. NASA's crewed Mars plans include a return to the moon under a zealous and driven space exploration program known as Artemis. The agency plans to use the moon as a steppingstone, where NASA can learn and test the skills required for the long trip to the Red Planet. One of the biggest Artemis mileposts is scheduled for 2024 when NASA aims to put two astronauts down near the moon's south pole. One of those explorers will be a woman, agency officials have said — the first-ever "Lunas" of its kind to set foot on the moon. (All 12 Apollo moonwalkers were men.) This Innovision calls for humans to live the Martian Dream, where one could very well be hoping on a space flight from a Launchpad on a lazy Sunday morning since humans would be gathering data and building a new lifestyle out of scratch. #nasa

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Ariana Grande Poland ♡ 2k ☁️

Plotka: Ariana w 2020 roku zawita że swoją trasą do Ameryki Południowej! #nasa

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Swiss Wine 🇵🇱

#nasa good morning @tomorrowland

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Men's Health Polska

Małe kroki, wielkie rezultaty 😀 #NASA

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Ruggiero Gioielli

“The Eagle Has Landed” L'aquila è atterrata. Così Neil Armstrong esclamò quando il modulo Eagle dell'Apollo 11 toccò il suolo lunare il 20 luglio del 1969. Oggi con immenso orgoglio pubblico questa cartolina spedita, dal centro spaziale di Cape Canaveral nel settembre del 1969, ai concessionari Bulova, tra cui la Gioielleria Ruggiero. Quel luglio di mezzo secolo fa la nostra gioielleria esisteva già, e se siamo qui a ripercorrere quel momento storico per l'umanità, lo devo sia ai sacrifici e al lavoro della mia famiglia, che ai nostri clienti che in tutti questi anni ci hanno sostenuto e fatto crescere. Un grazie di cuore a tutti voi. Claudio Ruggiero 🌘 #nasa

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GAIA | Millennial’s Store

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