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Ruben Rowell Jr

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Holliday’s Barbeque

Trident Coffee

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us this past Saturday! We’ll be back in the same spot this next Weekend for the @tridentcoffee hosted Block Party! We’ll have Pulled Pork and Chopped Brisket sandwiches topped with our Original and Spicy sauces. We’ll also be featuring a new custom coffee sauce. If you’ve been ordering from Holliday’s for awhile, you may remember a sauce we used to make called Eastbound & Down, that you can expect to see on the menu as well. There will be tons of vendors, excellent coffee and of course Barbeque. Cant wait to see y’all Saturday!

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ᔕᔕGT ᗩᐯIᒪEᔕ

💀 Massacre 🦍

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Naval News

Everyday we hear new moves at Iran-UK tanker seizure crisis, and tension at the Persian Gulf is always at high level. According to UK media report, Britain’s Royal Navy is intended to strenghten its force presence in the vicinity Persian Gulf with a nuclear-powered submarine and maritime forces. A 7,400-tonne Astute-class nuclear-powered submarine, equipped with cruise missiles and heavy torpedoes, will be assigned a solely defensive role according to the British press. It is expected to intercept communications between Iranian servicemen and report them back to naval headquarters in the UK. “We are sending a boat – it may well already be heading for the region,” a Royal Navy insider was quoted as saying. “Its role is a covert intelligence posture, simply gathering information to support the planned convoys of tankers.” Sending a nuclear sub means only sending a naval unit? Submarines are special, specific and strategic units for countries. We encounter many crisis around the world, countries’ send naval units to conflict area to show presence and try to defend their rights. Bu if they send submarines, it means situation is changed and tension is at very high level. The HMS Duncan, a type 45 air-defense destroyer, was dispatched to the Gulf earlier this month to assist Britain’s only warship operating there, the Type 23 HMS frigate Montrose, based in Bahrain. The RFA Wave Knight supply tanker, currently stationed in Gibraltar, will transit to the region in August, while the HMS Kent frigate will be deployed there in September. UK also has four minehunters and a landing ship dock committed to the area. #navy navy

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Chris joshua

I Never let my friends do dumb shit. -alone- Me and my guy @robferrone throughout the years. Love you bro. Until next time 🤙

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The Warrior’s ⚔️

Fallen DEVGRU Silver Squadron Operator: Colin Thomas. Rest Easy Warrior 🇺🇸⚓️🐸🔱 - ‘The Headhunters’ - ‘For Something Greater’ #Navy

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