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Dan Rosenquest (@rosenquestdan) Instagram Profile Photo

Dan Rosenquest

I Will Always Teach These Two That Love Is Love &+ People Can Be Whoever They Want! I Will Always Teach Them To Respect Everybody &+ Take Pride In The Fact They Can Love And Be Whoever They Want! They Will Always Know The Meaning Behind Pride &+ I Will Always Show Them Their Uncle DanDan Is Proud Of Who He Is! I Will Never Let Anyone Dull My Sparkle Or Theirs No Matter Who They Become Because Everybody Is Equal! Happy Pride Olly'John &+ Phoebe! 😘🏳️‍🌈 #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle 🌈

Frankfurt, Germany

Part one ... and we successfully made it 🙌🏼 @die__miii @safetycards ... it’s CSD in Frankfurt and, so far, it has been amazing! Let’s see what the evening may offer and the night will bring .... but, way more important... No 1: never hide who you really are No 2: surround yourself with good and caring people No 3: just enjoy your life and every single minute of it!!! To be continued #🔥 #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle

A*Sue ✨ Sparkle everywhere. (@ashleysue) Instagram Profile Photo

A*Sue ✨ Sparkle everywhere.

Raleigh, North Carolina

I've been trying to find my footing for a long time. From infertility to makeup to grief to marriage and now motherhood, my biggest struggle has been to voice what matters to me in a way that empowers other women struggling more silently. All of life is an experiment. Two years ago, I finally found the courage to wear makeup. That was an act of bravery for me, as ridiculous as that sounds. And inspired by Tati Westbrook, I started a YouTube channel to share my growth (instead of the blogs I'd been diligent with in the past). Quickly I knew I didn't want to be a beauty review channel for a plethora of reasons. But how do I steer my content to talk holistically about becoming our deepest selves? I still don't know. Who cares what makeup I use? What ritual I do to cleanse my soul? How to make almond milk? Hahahaha. And now the best recommendation I can make is for a great snot sucker. Seriously. NeilMed. Don't waste your time with anything else. Things keep changing. And I'm working harder than ever not to lose myself in the avalanche of life. More accurately, I'm working harder than ever to keep discovering myself when it seems really gluttonous to even think like that. So, if I look shadow, vapid, selfish, silly, or clueless to you... I can't really be worried about that anymore. And that's a huge hurdle to jump in being your realest self. 💯 #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle

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Dee 👸🏽


Tracy Stankavage (@trapcitytracy) Instagram Profile Photo

Tracy Stankavage

So thankful and blessed. No filter on this gem. One of the most thoughtful gifts from two very important people @songe7lynn and @ghostx315 . The photograph was taken by @songe7lynn . @ghostx315 had it printed on canvas. This is a photo of the tree that was planted in memory of my twin sister at my parents house. Most years Allie and I would celebrate our birthday together. Sometimes opening presents back to back so we couldn't see what each other got. We would share a cake and spend time with our family and friends. Then when we got older and moved to different places we would Skype and celebrate on other dates. I miss her a lot today and my birthday just doesnt feel the same since she passed away. But @songe7lynn this photo really represents that she is always with me and looking over me. I cannot thank you enough and @ghostx315 for this gift. #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle

Life can throw things your way! Don’t let the hard times define your future! Never give up and never let anyone dull your sparkle! @lularoe #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle

Jasmine Takacs (@jasminetakacs) Instagram Profile Photo

Jasmine Takacs

Never let anyone dull you sparkle. Ever! 📸 @thea_baddiley headpiece @itsinyourdreams Tan @tanify_official @stockholmbeauty #neverletanyonedullyoursparkle

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