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Fatma Zaidi (@fatma.zaidi) Instagram Profile Photo

Fatma Zaidi

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Laura lebt den Traum

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Erika Harberts

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Rosanna Lockwood

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Pack & Smooch

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Mar Person

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Mariana Fraga

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Nico de Corato

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Neja official

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Maria Maraki Mario

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Amalina Ariffin

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林田 季子

🅔🅛🅞 (@nelodiy) Instagram Profile Photo


L'avantage d'acheter ses légumes en épicerie locavore c'est que tu tombes sur des variétés anciennes, des tomates avec un vrai goût de tomate 😃 Elles proviennent de la Ferme St Maurice à Malaunay et sont vendues chez @lemarchedurobec . J'y ai aussi trouvé une vieille variété de concombre, il est jaune, plus doux, plus croquant, sans amertume, idéal en salade (avec la peau of course) il attise la curiosité de mes 2 p'tits gourmands et excite leurs papilles😋 . #noplastic lesenfants

@alejandrosanz • • • • • Con este pequeño vaso de hemos ahorrado 6,5 toneladas de plástico al mar. Gracias a tod@s 🙏 Seguimos 💪🏽 Somos @lafuerzadelcorazonesmas @greenpeace_esp #NoPlastic ❌

Welfact Donation Platform (@thisiswelfact) Instagram Profile Photo

Welfact Donation Platform

Yesterday we held a vote on our insta story and asked what causes you’d like to see in the first version of Welfact. We were completely surprised with the number of people who voted and shared their favourite cause! ✊ We want to thank everyone that participated, and share some of the responses that came up the most. 👀 The Welfact crew 🚩

Colher de Pai (@colherdepai) Instagram Profile Photo

Colher de Pai

Comer é o ato mais íntimo que podemos ter com o nosso corpo. Optar por produtos biológicos/orgânicos, praticar uma alimentação consciente e sustentável é um desafio presente no dia-a-dia. Com pequenos pormenores podemos fazer a diferença! #noplastic

Alicia rios (@alicia__1975) Instagram Profile Photo

Alicia rios

Con este pequeño vaso de hemos ahorrado 6,5 toneladas de plástico al mar. Gracias a tod@s 🙏 seguimos 💪somos @lafuerzadelcorazonesmas @greenpeace_esp #Noplastic ❌ @Alejandrosanz

The Sustainable Indian (@the_sustainable_indian) Instagram Profile Photo

The Sustainable Indian

Solution: Bamboo toothbrushes! . . Bamboo is a grass. Available in abundance in most part of India. With a rise in mass production of bamboo toothbrushes, hopefully prices will dip & more & more ppl will be able to afford them. With our kind of population, eco-friendly alone doesn't help if it isn't economic as well. . . @zerowaste_india • • • • • • Every plastic toothbrush that you have ever used since you were born is still on earth somewhere. 🙄 Toothbrushes don't get recycled in India. They simply get added to our landfills. 🤐 Switch to a bamboo toothbrush. It will be a little more expensive than plastic but if you are reading this message, you are already in the privileged bracket. Google and find one you like. 🙂 For those who want justification for the quoted number. India's population - 1.3 Billion According to Indian Dental Association, 50% of Indians use a toothbrush. Even if we take an average of 2 toothbrushes in a year, it gives us a conservative figure of 1.3 billion toothbrushes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . #noplastic

A Daily Memo - EcoFriendly (@adailymemo) Instagram Profile Photo

A Daily Memo - EcoFriendly

You can only have one 🌍 Producing 300 million tons of plastic a year with 50% of that being one use, the human race has some tough decisions to make. What will you choose? Our planet or the price of convenience. Join @adailymemo in our fight for a more Eco Friendly world🌱 . 📷 @styngvi . . . #noplastic

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