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ᐯᒪᗩᗪIᗰIᖇ ᒪEᑕᗩ🤝 (@vladimir_leca) Instagram Profile Photo

ᐯᒪᗩᗪIᗰIᖇ ᒪEᑕᗩ🤝

🕴🏎🎎 The🎊Fast Zone🏃💆💙✌ (@sixjosetwenty) Instagram Profile Photo

🕴🏎🎎 The🎊Fast Zone🏃💆💙✌

Ellington F. (@stonedism_) Instagram Profile Photo

Ellington F.

❤️Мехенди❤️Обучение ❤️Сургут (@lubimova_mehendi) Instagram Profile Photo

❤️Мехенди❤️Обучение ❤️Сургут

again after a very Spezial Moment 🙏 good Night 💤 #numbers #numbers

Thank you for reading; We’ll be featuring restaurants, home-cooked meals, and information from other food-related pages, in order to entice you to expand your palate while eating out, with the joy of cooking different foods at home. While we understand everyone has different views on food, we’ll also be sharing vegan and vegetarian recipes. We will showing butchers and butchery, we will show sausage making, sauce making, and knife skills. We want to showcase the work required to make those golden brown French fries; the skill used to knead that perfect dough; the patience necessary to make that viscously tight sauce; the love infused into that snap on that creme brûlée; the daily preparation and grind to alleviate you, our guest, of your daily with a hot meal. #numbers

Monique Martin (@moniquesart) Instagram Profile Photo

Monique Martin

Work in progress. Mixing it up today in the studio. Literally I have been mixing paint all day. I had such fun working on this zinnia that I sketched last year @citygirlflowerfarm This is not a finished piece, about 6000 or so more layers needed. I forgot how much I love painting, as I haven’t done it for a while. Why the numbers instead of foliage, well... the zinnia is sometimes called “Youth and Old Age” because the old flowers are still fresh when the new flowers open and begin to bloom. It is 48 x 16” and acrylic #numbers

Blue Bandz-ElKingJoker ft. HeathLegend, London @heathlegendd @lvndan @underratedpioneers Available to all!!! Via YouTube♦️ link in Bio🥽 EvenSteven is also out now Via YouTube♦️ From the DreamCatcher Project! Coming soon to all⚙️⚙️⚙️ #numbers

Vibrate Higher. 🇯🇲 3,6 and 9 are essential numbers in our everyday lifes. 9 months to birth a child, 3s is a symbol for the Arch or Golden Archs, 6 and 9 and for ... #numbers ghettoothello

Tsadaqyah Yasharahla(cmanne) (@tsadaqyah_yasharahla) Instagram Profile Photo

Tsadaqyah Yasharahla(cmanne)

!🎓 👑🕎 ⏰⏳🤦🏿‍ @truthsetyoufree16 • • • • • Repost from @black_history_theorist using @RepostRegramApp - 📝🤓 👇⬇👇⬇👇⬇👇 📖#Numbers 15:38 [38]Speak unto the children of Israel, and bid them that they 👉make them FRINGES in the BORDERS of their GARMENTS🔑 👉THROUGHOUT THEIR GENERATIONS🔑, and that they 👉PUT UPON THE FRINGE OF THE BORDERS AN RIBBAND OF BLUE🔑 ! ! ! 🚨 👑!✊🏿💯

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