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Nathália Ravaglio (@nathalia_ravaglio) Instagram Profile Photo

Nathália Ravaglio

A mamãe @sari_joelma postou a foto e eu achei linda ♥️ Roubei 🤭😅 Porque o tema da foto de hoje é sobre pessoas favoritas, e ela com certeza é a minha pessoinha favorita nesse mundo 😍 . challenge 201/365


. day 200 ______________ maybe the journey isnt about becoming anything maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isnt really you, so you can be who you were meant to be ______________ #photographychallenge

Aela Kael (@aelakael) Instagram Profile Photo

Aela Kael

Pusta ściana też ma teksturę, nie? To taka sztuka. #photographychallenge

He's my little rock star 💕 not only is he incredibly cute, he loves my type of music and will rock out to Slipknot with me! 🤘🤘🧑🏼❤ . . graphychallenge

Josh Auld Media (@joshauldmedia) Instagram Profile Photo

Josh Auld Media

Taunton, Massachusetts

Day 20/31 - Corner I wasn’t sure about how I wanted to go about this photo, cause I wanted to do something less obvious then a room corner. I was laying in bed procrastinating getting changed, and I saw this, my dresser corner. Then I rolled over and took this. challenge

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