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4k PC Captures by SentinelVIII (@sentinelviii) Instagram Profile Photo

4k PC Captures by SentinelVIII

All those that follow. I honestly thought Nightwing's character was kinda annoying in Arkham Knight, but his follow-up DLC redeemed him for me. . . #photomode

Untold Wasteland (@fallout_4_stories) Instagram Profile Photo

Untold Wasteland

“Through the Heat and Sand” Pt. 47 Captain James Avella Museum of Freedom . . “All due respect, Cap’. This isn’t our mission, we’re here to report on the missing squad. We found what’s left of them, if they want to go start up a base on their own, then let em’. I’m a soldier not a engineer or scaver’,” Patrick frustration flew out of his mouth. “Who’s your ranking officer Patrick?” “Don’t give me that sh*t, you know it’s bulls**t too.” “We are going to help these civilians set up shop at this location and have Harvey offer protection until we can send out a recon squad as well as other engineers to help him in order to get another base up and running. From there we will have a base to the north and south of this location to squash any legionaries coming this way,” I ordered. “Thank you, captain,” Weston tipped his hat. “This is bulls**t and you know it,” Patrick said as he grabbed his rifle and began making his way down stairs. “Cmon y’all, on ward through the Heat and sand, end stop, bulls**t,” Patrick could be heard in the distance. I too then grabbed my gear and began to head out. Weston stopped me, “is he always like this?” “He’s a good soldier, but according to my superiors, he’s seen some stuff.” “Ain’t we all, that’s the thing about this war. At the end of it, I don’t think we ever truly come back how we came into it....” . . Partners: @falloutroamer @vaultboymark1988 @pretty_nerdy_crystal . . #photomode

Louisylou (@louisylou) Instagram Profile Photo


Some environment shots from the beautiful #photomode

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