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Lewisville Lake

A safe phrase to say in place of knowledge. But, What do I know I don't know How are you certian on something you aren't certian about? I don't know What happens when you die? I don't know Is history a lie? I don't know Is life even real? I don't know Do you know how to feel? I don't know What is the point of life? I don't know Are you feeling alright? I don't know What is our purpose here? I don't know Is there anything you fear? I don't know Is there anything you know at all? I don't know . . . . . . . . P.C @mehdiabbas1

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Apologies are never gonna fix this.. And promises are broken like stitches

Anytimeee!.🤪 • • • • • • • • #’s cominggg • • • • • #poeticjustice

Phoenix, Arizona

Me and my big forehead. 🤷‍♀️😂 #poeticjustice

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Your Girlfriend's House

I still haven’t tried potato rolls and meat loaf. Thanks for hitting the road, and my soul. From Jersey to Maryland, its a couple of tolls. To the red Velvet Queen who promised to make me brownies. Please come crown me. Your head was astounding. I almost learned something. How did my knowledge taste in your mouth? Picture me chasing the clout? Yea right, i be high, chasing a cloud. The prince’s must be proud, To have a mother so loud. Ill paint your in black til we meet again. So until then......... goodbye Friend. • • • • • icJustice

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