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Kristina Aran™️ (@kristinaaran) Instagram Profile Photo

Kristina Aran™️

There's a ache in your heart and you insist on starving yourself. From what? Food? Love? Intimacy? Trust? Your hunger can never be sated. So you prowl around the town, with cigarette in one hand and steering wheel in another. Crashing curbs, killing people and honking like a mad woman. Because that's who you are. A mad woman. A crazy . You don't know how to Control your emotions. You're too emotional. You don't know how to handle your issues. And with all these words and letters thrown your way, attached with roses, except there are no roses, just thorns, you lost yourself under that tiny bushes of thorns. You forgot which is a lie, and what isn't. So you paint your nail, black. And even though your name is Pinkcy, you hate that colour, with passion. You cut your hair along with your scalp because you want to see how your brain looks. If you can squeeze out the tar of and like they show in infomercials. And when someone offer you a piece of bread, heart, affection, attention; for a moment you forget how being lonely feels; and you don't want it to end. And in that moment you fear what if they think you're same as he thought? Above all the self doubt. And when someone tells you're worth it. You don't believe them. Wondering why are you worth it when all you've got is broken promises and painted truths? But you go on, you go on. Now you eat dal chawal with namkeen, achhar, ghee and nimbu and everything that makes you feel happy and sated. You don't starve yourself anymore. You don't eat leftovers either. You cook for yourself. You hum while cooking. And you don't call him and invite him so you can feel less lonely. You eat alone. Happily. And you wash dishes too. Now you're not so dependent and afraid. You have find a solace in this loneliness. With Coldplay playing in the background. It wasn't always like this. It won't stay always like this. But you have made peace with things leaving and changing. You have forgiven. You have forgotten. You're free. I'm free.

Ye Shayri Mehak Teri💋 (@yeshayri77) Instagram Profile Photo

Ye Shayri Mehak Teri💋

“इस चाह ने दिल की धरती.....💙सूखी, बंजर कर दी.....🍂🍁🌾 #poets 💔 💞❣️💜✍🏻📝

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