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Kipod | קיפוד (@ki.pod) Instagram Profile Photo

Kipod | קיפוד

DRACULA OF THE RAP GAME⚰️ (@draculaoftherapgame) Instagram Profile Photo


🦋 Uni-Ma // יונימה 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ (@unima.band) Instagram Profile Photo

🦋 Uni-Ma // יונימה 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

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Nicco Verrienti (@niccoverrienti) Instagram Profile Photo

Nicco Verrienti

Rahul Rajendra Bakshi (RB) (@bakshi40r) Instagram Profile Photo

Rahul Rajendra Bakshi (RB)

Marielle DRS Violinist (@littlelifemusic) Instagram Profile Photo

Marielle DRS Violinist

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Oliniutza 😎

Freddie Mercury QUEEN band (@fredbulsara18) Instagram Profile Photo

Freddie Mercury QUEEN band

3D VISION 📷 Brian May is a legendary guitarist, but he is also a fanatical stereo photography enthusiast. Brian was 12 years old when he dicovered stereoscopy (1959). "I took our kitchen table outside in the back garden and on it I set up my Woolworths two and sixpenny camera facing back into the kitchen." Brian took 2 pictures of hid father whitewashing the ceiling. Taking the 2nd picture he moved the camera about 3 inches to the right. So, he got two pictures which he mounted on a piece of cardboard to make a stereo card. ⠀ 📷 Brian's father tought him to develop and printi black and white photographs. They made the prints, stuck them on a piece of card, on which he wrote the ‘trademark’ “SEETHROO Ltd” and I put the card in the Weetabix stereo viewer! It worked! There was Brian's Dad in astounding realism, captured forever in 3-D. ⠀ 📷 Now I underdtand what a strange thing looking like a camera Brian often holded in his hands - it's a stereoscope! A device by which two photographs of the same object taken at slightly different angles are viewed together, creating an impression of depth and solidity. ⠀ 📷 It still works. Brian's book "Queen in 3-D" is a fascinating collection of stereoscopic photographs taken by him and his friends reflecting behind-the-scenes moments of recording sessions and tours with the legendary rock band throuout thrir career. ⠀ 📷 Brian May owns one of the largest stereo photo collections in the world and run the London Stereoscopic Company. "It’s just always been magic to me. I never get tired of it. It takes a few moments longer to capture a scene, or a friend, of one of my kids in 3-D rather than ‘flat’. 3-D Rocks! ⠀ #recordingstudio

🐉 PAPER DRAGON 🐉 (@paperdragonofficial) Instagram Profile Photo


Bristol, United Kingdom

@ruthroyallvocals, one of the core is a vocalists, composer and producer. Her recent work includes acts like @fredvgrafix & @polabryson with colab tracks being released this year • • • 📸 @fitzroysaxo #recordingstudio

Music Producer (Mr PJ) (@bubezproductions) Instagram Profile Photo

Music Producer (Mr PJ)

Enjoy top-Sheff arrangement, custom beat design, vocal recording and music production services for an affordable rate. 🔥🔥🔥 For more Info contact us +32488568996 (WhatsApp) or click the link on my bio studio Follow Us bubezproductions ✅ YouTube bubezproductions ✅ Facebook Bubezproductions ✅ Instagram bubezproductions ✅ Twitter

Gussie Miller (@gussiemiller) Instagram Profile Photo

Gussie Miller

Toluca Lake, California

Many, many thanks to this guy. @recordingacademy Grammy winner @erik_zobler for some great and conversation before our 14 hour odyssey recording master tracks for “OnTheLastPage” @proaudiola studio in @Glendale #recordingstudio 🍣

Amazing guitar session for my new JD73 album yesterday with the one and only @earl_christopher_dawkinson Tokai Strat and custom Fender Telecaster running through my amp along with and . What a joyous day of musical delights! Can’t wait for you all to hear this new album! #recordingstudio

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