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Twin Flames Reunite (@twinflame.journey) Instagram Profile Photo

Twin Flames Reunite

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Disha Grover


"I was in college when I was introduced to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Surrounded by friends and that college feeling, all I took from the film was the jokes and laughter. Even though all of us were broke (that's not changed) but promises to go to Spain one day were made — road trips, jumping off the helicopter, running for life. Today, however, when I sit with it, I tempted to call my friends or to leave little nostalgic texts about how just catching up over tea would do for now. When Imran goes on to say 'ab humne hai jeena seekh liya’ I realise how often we miss out on important things in life just because instead of laughing and running with our friends, we somehow ran away from each other. We learn to live life when we finally realise that we aren't. I never related to just one of the characters, I almost felt each one of them has been me at different points in life. I Laila whenever I lay with my Arjun under the sky to remind him what life is really about. I Arjun when I almost run after the wrong things away from the right ones. I Kabir when I try to hide behind my humour and eat at my words in order to keep things going. I Imran when I a poet, when I feel the need to be loved. To be laughed with, not at. I Natasha when I so insecure that I threaten the very relationship I trying so hard to protect. I all of them when I laughing with my friends, making plans that never fulfill, looking out for them and fooling around without a care in the world.  I will be honest. I never thought I'd go to Spain with my friends like they did. However, we have had our share of cancelled Goa plans. But I think that the Laila in me knows that it was never about exotic destinations and crazy adventures but every moment spent with people you love.  Every time I had tea and maggi at the tapri outside the college was my Spain. Everytime we ran out of the class just after giving attendance was our bull-chase. Everytime we felt doomed before the exs and a smarter friend ce along with her notes and taught us last minute, we were fighting our fears and diving right in. It was all right in front of me, it is all there even in this moment."

Vikrant Singh Jordan (@jordanmantra) Instagram Profile Photo

Vikrant Singh Jordan

❤️ Featuring - @_abhivyakti_ . Follow ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ @jordanmantra ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ✔️Real writer may be Sender or Someone Else 💌 For Best Quotes 👌🏻 🔛 Turn on post notification 🔛 💯 Follow & Share 💯 Thanx for support 🙏🏻 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #relationshipquotes

Love Quotes For Him And Her (@i_love_you_quotes_and_sayings) Instagram Profile Photo

Love Quotes For Him And Her

I've found my special somebody 😍 AND SHE MAKES ME FEEL SO SPECIAL AND SO LOVED EVERYDAY AND I LOVE HER SO GODDAMN MUCH AND JUST WANT HER TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HEART. Because baby, you are truly a gift from God ❤️💕TAG YOUR BABY💕 • Follow @i_love_you_quotes_and_sayings 👈 • • AND VISIT MY STORE, LINK IN MY BIO 💕☺️ • #relationshipquotes

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