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Pyaar (LOVE) To The People (@pyaartothepeople) Instagram Profile Photo

Pyaar (LOVE) To The People

Rapid City, South Dakota

@indigenousgoddessgang ・・・ featuring the heart work of (WARN)♥️ WARN is an activist group founded in 1974 that grew out of the American Indian Movement (AIM). WARN was pivotal in bringing attention to issues impacting Native American women, especially in regard to forced sterilization. It was established in 1974 by Lorelei DeCora Means, Madonna Thunderhawk, Phyllis Young, Janet McCloud, and others. WARN included more than 300 women from 30 different indigenous communities. WARN championed the health of , the restoration and securing of treaty rights, eliminating Indian mascots for sports teams, and combating the commercialization of Indian culture. They highlighted the high rates of health issues caused by nuclear mining and storage on Indian land, such as birth defects, miscarriages and deaths. They also expressed concerns about of Indian women and the adoption of Indian children by non-Indians. They intervened in custody battles, campaigned against mining practices that contaminated reservations, having horrific effects on the health of the environment and its inhabitants, and collected testimony from girls and women who had been sterilized without giving their consent. In the 1960s and 70s, Native American women were targets of federal policy aimed at population control, a eugenicist desire of the settler state to prevent the reproduction of future generations of Native Americans (and women of color and poor women more broadly). Many Native women would enter a hospital for one procedure and leave with a hysterectomy. Some would give birth and days later find that a hysterectomy had been performed. Informed consent was neither enforced nor practiced; if consent was obtained, it was often coerced, with healthcare providers making threats to take away children of women if they didn’t consent. One place WARN made this epidemic public was in “The Theft of Life,” an entry in their undated newsletter from the late 1970s. WARN’s efforts are credited with helping to bring new federal regulations to sterilization in 1979. #reproductivejustice

David Mondelice (@sonofgoddess1207) Instagram Profile Photo

David Mondelice

@padmalakshmi with @kimcy929_repost • • • • • • 1 in 4 women will have an abortion before they’re 45. If you identify as male and someone you love has had an or you support a woman’s right to choose, now is the time to let it be known 💪🏾 #reproductivejustice

Full Spectrum Doula Care (@fullspectrumdoulacare) Instagram Profile Photo

Full Spectrum Doula Care

Thank you so much @ljcpirateprincess and @osborntobewild and families for the amazing brunch and reunion. We absolutely LOVE staying connected with the people we support and watching their babies grow. It always feels good to be reminded that what we do makes such a difference. We love you all!! 💗💗

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Feminist American

I mean, I support abortion but if that's not your cup of tea then that is not a reason so support de-funding PP. They do so much more than just abortions. #reproductivejustice

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Daisy Patton

I treated myself for my bday the other day with a break from frantic packing to start stitching this upcoming portrait for my series on . This is a very different kind of portrait, and I’ll explain more as I work on Lucille ❤️ . . . #reproductivejustice

Janet Dickerson (@therealprlady) Instagram Profile Photo

Janet Dickerson

@sistersong_woc with @get_repost ・・・ Have a passion for singing AND #reproductivejustice? Then SisterSong wants YOU! We're looking for 50 strong vocalists to join our RJ Mass Choir that will perform at the 2019 Conference this Oct. in ATL. Learn more and apply today at bit.ly/RJMassChoir (link also in our bio)!

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Heidi Sieck

Regram @voteprochoice - The Trump Title X gag rules requires doctors to lie to their patients. It’s dangerous and ridiculous. We should be giving doctors, pregnant people and families the dignity of proper medical care. Although temporarily delayed, this gag rule is a travesty of misinformation and a direct attack on reproductive justice. Art via @ppact by @ippf_whr

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