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Clays and Cocktails (@claysandcocktails) Instagram Profile Photo

Clays and Cocktails

It’s been a while since I shot any sort of long distance! The Blonde (Kimber Government Model 82) and I nailed 49/50 targets: 29 out of 30 @ 100 yards, and 20 out of 20 at 150 yards. Pretty sweet for a 22LR!✌️ . . . daily

Justin Barnes-hobbies only (@justin.barnes.450) Instagram Profile Photo

Justin Barnes-hobbies only

Got bags? Up until I started shooting @nrl22.official matches last June I had no idea bags like these existed. Sure I had seen the Caldwell bags designed to use only as a rest on a bench but never a positional bag. I cringed when I spent $80 on the @wiebadgear fortune cookie but after a year of use I realized it was well worth the money. When a fellow shooter had a mini fortune cookie for sale the other week I just had to jump on it too. These bags make shooting off barricades a breeze and add a significant amount of stability to your set up when shooting in unconventional . If you are on the fence about getting a bag just do it, you won't regret it. - The little flat bag on the left is a @cole.tac boss bag I won in a drawing @kentucky_precision_rimfire. It makes an excellent rear bag and I have no need for anything else. Plenty of adjustment in it to make elevation corrections and when used in conjunction withcmt Harris bipod makes for a really stable platform. - daily

Christopher Dover (@clovertac) Instagram Profile Photo

Christopher Dover

Which match ammo do you choose? . . I did some testing on match & target ammo today. Look for that video to drop soon or if you are a Patreon supporter, you already have access. . . Big thank you to Full Mag Sports for help obtaining a few of these boxes. . . #rimfiredaily

Robert Capobianco (@rcapo_actual) Instagram Profile Photo

Robert Capobianco

Range time with the cz457.. Found what it likes #rimfiredaily

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