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Leah Clark Brisard (@leahbrisard) Instagram Profile Photo

Leah Clark Brisard

Pao | Melbourne Photographer (@paoloungab) Instagram Profile Photo

Pao | Melbourne Photographer

CeCiLy DeNiCe RNC-OB, BSN (@juvenescent_junkie) Instagram Profile Photo


Lavon, Texas

Halfway done with round ✌🏾 of AND a NSV for the win...this shirt is one size smaller than I usually wear! 🎉 🍾. I had to borrow it from my mom and was afraid to put it in when I held it up, but it fit and I still had room to breath 😂. Here’s to having a kick week and reaching the goals you set for yourself! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . life ondemand

Jennyfer Rackal (@mulan3328) Instagram Profile Photo

Jennyfer Rackal

Messing around with my 🤣🤣🤣 check out the new 🤣🤣🤣 life

🔹Ashley Harrison 🔹 (@ashharrison1734) Instagram Profile Photo

🔹Ashley Harrison 🔹

Follow your dreams... they know the way💕 life

Nuuvo Health (@nuuvohealth) Instagram Profile Photo

Nuuvo Health


Need an in-office pick me up? Ask about our corporate wellness discounts, NEW from @nuuvohealth . . . Research has shown that most Americans are dehydrated, vitamin deficient, and suffer from gastrointestinal imbalances that prevent optimal absorption through the gut. Recent studies found that most Americans only absorb 30% of the vitamins and nutrients from their food. These deficiencies can lead to exhaustion, poor work performance, and increased sick days. The goal for Nuuvo Health corporate is to improve wellness in the workplace by providing affordable on-site vitamin IV therapy and injections. Vitamin therapy administered IV or IM is the only way to bypass the digestive process and directly deliver vital cellular nutrition. This proactive approach to wellness enhances an individual's vitality, ultimately improving work productivity and health. @sunnydedmon . . . #rnlife

Platinum Medical Spa (@platinummedicalspa) Instagram Profile Photo

Platinum Medical Spa

Aliso Viejo, California

What makes our Laser Hair Removal so special? ⁣ ☝️One wavelength.☝️⁣ ⁣ ⁣While many other laser machines focus on multiple types of treatment, ours contains only one wavelength, meaning it can specifically target hair and works effectively on every skin type.


Comic from @nathanwpylestrangeplanet and @nathanwpyle! Go check him out! . Follow me at @newdadrn . 😭😭😭How every new grad RN feels after orientation is over!😭😭😭 . . . Follow me for funny memes, inspirational quotes, and nursing tips! I’m all about helping student nurses, new nurses, and even seasoned nurses! . . . 💉 💉💊 💊💉 life

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