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Marcel - German traveller (@_marcel.bauer_) Instagram Profile Photo

Marcel - German traveller

Tomi‘s Adventures 🤙🤪 (@feelgut) Instagram Profile Photo

Tomi‘s Adventures 🤙🤪

Tomi‘s Adventures 🤙🤪 (@feelgut) Instagram Profile Photo

Tomi‘s Adventures 🤙🤪

Tomi‘s Adventures 🤙🤪 (@feelgut) Instagram Profile Photo

Tomi‘s Adventures 🤙🤪

misha charles (@wildsplendidlife) Instagram Profile Photo

misha charles

Moreau | Pictures (@moreau_pictures) Instagram Profile Photo

Moreau | Pictures

Hannez Kurz (@hannezkurz) Instagram Profile Photo

Hannez Kurz

Oía Santorini, Greece

Postcards from Greece ! ❣️❣️ . . . If you are in Oia, Santorini to witness the sunset, you might tend to get overwhelmed watching the huge crowd. People everywhere, wherever you turn. Sitting on the walls, standing on the rooftops, standing in walkways. And as you slowly detach yourself and enjoy the sun going down, you realise the magnitude of the moment. As if everything on the island stood still, as if it would be rude to the grand act of nature. And as the biggest star in the sky goes down, everybody cheers and claps their hands. The entire island broke out into a celebration and congratulated each other. A beautiful thing to watch an entire community to gather every evening and celebrate another sunset with everybody else. . . . . #roamtheplanet

c l a r a (@trulyclara) Instagram Profile Photo

c l a r a

"Brothers and sisters, each person, as responsible to God, should remain in the situation they were in when God called them.". [1 Corinthians 7:24] . //Listened to a sermon today that challenged me to be content with where God has placed me. It has helped put things into perspective in terms of where and what God has called us to. To be content in my present situations with my health, my job, my family, my friends, etc... . . . . #roamtheplanet

Martin // visualspassport 🇭🇰 (@visualspassport) Instagram Profile Photo

Martin // visualspassport 🇭🇰

Hong Kong

This city is many things, but one thing it isn’t is violence.

TOUR ORGANIZER📱085-735-039-295 (@jadiberangkat) Instagram Profile Photo

TOUR ORGANIZER📱085-735-039-295

Bromo Tengger Semeru

Hunting down this volcano was truly a challenge. The mountain really got the best of me. I was intending on writing out the entire story in detail about all the things we encountered in just 24hrs, from waking up with a fever at midnight and still venturing out an hour later... to fainting on top of the King Kong mountain and pushing through just to fly my drone and “get the shot”! ... But after just staring at this caption section for about 15 mins with all the flashbacks in my head I’ve concluded that some adventures deserve to be told in person. So I’m gonna do this one justice and save it for the talks. 🌋 . . . 📷@benswanderlust . . #roamtheplanet

Erika Magueflor (@erimentary) Instagram Profile Photo

Erika Magueflor


Someday, I'll find my way home. . . . 3/15

Lisa Lewandøwski (@lisalwndwsk) Instagram Profile Photo

Lisa Lewandøwski

she's mad, but she's magic; there's no lie in her fire

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