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LGBTQ+ Safe Space🏳️‍🌈 (@hey.gayss) Instagram Profile Photo

LGBTQ+ Safe Space🏳️‍🌈

Can’t really relate -🐠 ♥ they/them, ♥ main instagram: astrofluffycat discord: astrocat ♥ 🏳️‍🌈tags for attention🏳️‍🌈 #safespace

Gabriella Varga (@gabivargafitness) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabriella Varga

Yesterday I hung out with my mother for about 4 hours (that’s quite some time in my books). She is one my mom’s older sisters. She’s been always different from her sisters. Because she is brutally honest with others and with herself. Back in the days in socialism that trait was not accepted. . . I always visit her when I’m home but the last few years I especially enjoy our times together. For a long time I did not know exactly why I liked her company. I just knew I could talk to her openly without being judged. . . This time it really bece clear why I enjoy our chats so much. She gives herself. No facade. No BS. Even though she calls herself religious she does not try to convince or convert me. She says God helps her. I say the Universe helps me. We respect each other’s beliefs. . . She believes that honesty pays off. I realized that’s why I’m drawn to her so much. She has never tried to fit in. She has taught me so much yesterday what I truly grateful for. . . Honesty is something that makes you authentic and it makes you, you. . . mother #safespace

hey y’all, i’m about to be at band camp so i might be a lil distant. band camp is marching band for like 11 hours a day and then like 6 hours of sleep for a week. it’s great. 🙃 - - - - - #safespace

Natural Rubber Gumboots | Abby (@larliebear_the_label) Instagram Profile Photo

Natural Rubber Gumboots | Abby

Do you know how to play?! One of the challenges for me as a mum was knowing how to play with my toddler! It took me by surprise seeing as I’ve worked in Early Childcare, have been a Nanny, the oldest of 8 kids who were all homeschooled and I would say I always up for an adventure, but when it comes to organised play 🥁 👯‍♀️🧢🦋🛴🚲 🍁 I naturally SUCK at it.. I really have to work hard to make it fun and sometimes find myself thinking “how long do I have to sit here while they do *insert activity*? I think that’s why I love being in Nature, it seems to come more naturally to me, and “playing” isn’t a chore..🌳☀️🍃🍁 . . How about you? Do you find it easy to “play” with your kids? #safespace . . Ps how CUTE is Ivy-Mae wearing her Ivy-Mae Gumboots! To read more about her story click through to read her story on our Blog 🍃@our.little.warrior

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