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Cesar Turturro

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Jorge Sato

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Leonardo Born

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Robert Knox

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Sidney Wood Author

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Plan P Live!

@cw_legendsoftomorrow @mahoutsukai_no_yome_fans Today we’ll be @sdcc_2019 with Bela and Vampira!!! See us live in Hollywood on August 17th! We’ll be back with these three suckers on the poster for a screening of ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES!!! We also added an encore performance of PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE- so make it a double-feature! $30 single ticket and $50 for both shows + limited edition show posters. Artwork by @nonheinous @realelenadizon @jacob_deheer @sadsidekick @bill_n_la @tomloveman @adampineless #scifi

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50 years since we first visited the moon. Still captures my imagination! #scifi

James W. Rook (@james_in_3d) Instagram Profile Photo

James W. Rook

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

50 years ago, humans landed on the moon. The whole Apollo project, especially given the technology of the time, is something we are right to celebrate as a monumental human achievement. Geez people had back then. . I was actually in the room when my family watched the moon landing on TV, but I don’t remember it because, well…I was a fetus. 🤷🏻‍♂️ . Here are a couple of things from 2013 (the only astronauts I’ve ever rendered) that I’m posting as a bit of a tribute. . . . . . . @drbuzzaldrin @nasa . #scifi . ©️2019 James W. Rook

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Anthony Perrault

San Francisco, California

A girl can dream 🥂 📸: @mathiastos Edit: Me heaux _____________________________________________________ When life hands you lemons, them _____________________________________________________ Developing style _____________________________________________________ . . . . . . . . #scifi ___________________________________________________ FurmintFX™ ©2019

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