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Cody Lawhorn

The most mundane of objects can propel a good story with the right context. If i told you that Walter accidentally broke his wife’s favorite plate that her great grandmother gave her on her deathbed. And then i showed you this shot... you would have an incredibly different emotional reaction to it as opposed to telling you the truth of this scene. And that truth is that Walter’s wife and her great grandmother have absolutely nothing to do with this scene. And that this is the moment where Walter realizes that the drug dealer he has tied up in his basement has a made a poor choice after breaking the plate with the sandwich Walter made for him. This scene is what made me fall in love with Breaking Bad! Something so simple as a plate irrevocably sends Walter down a path he will need to see through to the end. This is masterful visual storytelling and one of the best qualities of a great film or series! This is @breakingbad! @bryancranston @amc_tv #script

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Quick rose 🌹

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Had an amazing time adding a few more to @gaa.michelle rose sleeve! Thank you alwayssss Ate! Stay tuned for my rose flash sale! Hit the DMs for that ink πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• Askal #script art

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