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I have been trying to write this memorial post since about 530... it's been tough. This year especially because this year in general has been one of the toughest of my life. I miss her now almost as much as the first month she left this earth. You always need your ma, and boy do I need her now. Thankful. That is the word that comes up today when I think of Mrs Marjorie Lucille Langley. πŸ™Œ I thankful.... - You CHOOSE to be my ma - You NEVER gave up on me - of the values you instilled in me - for the unconditional love you gave me, every second, especially when I didn't deserve it. - for the tears you cried when I repeatedly broke your heart (as our children do) I miss you and I will never be whole again, but ma, I promise you this... I will work hard everyday to be HALF the woman you were. Love, ma's babyπŸ˜­πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’œ #shegavemestrength

Sweet Belle, Nights have been really since you departed. I was so used to you being snuggled under the covers next to me. We miss your sweet soft presence so much. It so bad. You always listened even when I had nothing to say. You comforted me when I cried and danced with me when I was happy. We don’t understand why you had to leave us so soon or so suddenly but we are praying for God’s comfort. I hope you know how much we all truly love you and miss you. #shegavemestrength

(Rose)... I did it Grandma!!! When I saw that amazing smile u always gave me when I came to NY 2 visit u or when u smiled at me n said I can do it when I felt scared at 1 of our sports tournaments growing up I knew at that moment I can do it! U were always giving all of us the strength 2 do things we were always afraid 2 do n today u gave me that strength!!! Thank u grandma I love u n miss u soooo much😭😭 I hope u love ur carnation's!😘😘 #shegavemestrength

In the spirit of TBT, here is Sable shortly after I got her. Fresh n clean!! Found out today, she is a total loss. Now to wait for the settlement offer from the insurance company. My heart aches for her! I will miss her tremendously!! #shegavemestrength

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