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DDK Kitchens

Glenview, Illinois

What's your angle?? Doesn't this just make sense? Love it. DDK Kitchen Design Group #silverwaredrawer

Tidy and Simple w/ Margit 🌱 (@tidy_and_simple__) Instagram Profile Photo

Tidy and Simple w/ Margit 🌱

@tidy_and_simple__ ⬅️ SWIPE FOR AFTERS⬅️ Kitchen decluttering and organization done by Margit! Tip for the day: clear/clean surfaces reduce “visual clutter” and reduce stress! Not every surface, shelf, countertop, mantle, windowsill etc needs a nic nack or a picture or a “thing” on it. Try to clear off one or two surfaces of everything today!! Want some help at your house? Call, email, text, or private message me! Bring me your biggest mess!! 954-540-8547 hamiltonmargit@gmail.com 💕 Margit #silverwaredrawer

This is what I’ve accomplished so far today. Good silverware on the right, extra on the left. Also looking for a long plastic holder for the front of the drawer on the left for straws and chopsticks. Don’t ask about the rest of the kitchen or house though. Next to tackle the junk drawers...This is exciting stuff for a Saturday. 👍😆 #silverwaredrawer

When your son decides he doesn’t like way the silverware drawer is done and handles it his way! #silverwaredrawer

It's a twofer Tip Tuesday! (Have I mentioned I'm TERRIBLE at packing? So I'm on a mission to be a better person when moving.) Here's two tips to help have a smoother move:⁣ 1. Spices in the slow cooker⁣ 2. Plastic wrap the silverware drawer. Don't mess around with extra steps!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #silverwaredrawer home

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