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Nikita Zakharov | Portraitist (@th_sixx) Instagram Profile Photo

Nikita Zakharov | Portraitist

Juno Beach, Florida

sketch a day. 29. This toy camera from 2009 was launched just in time for my then 3 year old. She loved taking my 35 mm camera to take pics of just about everything. I would help her along since the camera was a bit heavy for her, so when I saw this digital toy camera I knew I had to get it for her. What’s poignant is that something she loved then is what she is pursuing today with gusto. Now at 12 years old, this week she started making pictures with her very first 35 mm Canon. • • • • #sketchaday

Johnny Bryan (@botiejedi) Instagram Profile Photo

Johnny Bryan

Redlands, California

Focus on what’s most important to YOU!! Then do that thing until you mf die!! ————————————————— aday

🌕 Sweet drawing in progress ✍️ ☺️ Say 'orange' in your own language! 👀💛 • Artist: @mmmmonexx • For a possible shout-out ⭐ • 📩 Promotion/Feature DM or email • #sketchaday

Casey Krupp (@caseykrupp) Instagram Profile Photo

Casey Krupp

Missy S. - Artist/Author (@m_sheldrake) Instagram Profile Photo

Missy S. - Artist/Author

Repost. I fixed his hat. :) My son found a dead Hercules beetle today in the parking lot outside of Michaels. It was gorgeous, and I was inspired. 😊 I have no fear of bugs, just a mild mistrust of stinging/biting ones, so I was fascinated by the find! 💖 💖 aday @blackwing @shopdenik @pentelofamerica

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