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Force Sports

Don’t just step towards your goals, LEAP to land past them! @forcegkacademy

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@teamShirudo ownit

We are allowed to cry about some things!!!... This takes a good look at the psychology! what is and isn't exceptable....This is such a good read... Incredible how the human brain works.. and we can be brain washed into believing that something should be a certain way.. talk about the footballer not the person. Everyone becomes desensitised? ..... @mindcharity @heads_together . love ⚽️

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FC Not Alone | Mental Health

Market Road Pitches

“My son Ben took his own life at the end of January this year. Despite family and friends giving him much love and support he could not beat his demons and sadly felt he could not carry on. He didn't share how bad things were, he generally put on a smiling face to cover his inner torment. I believe he genuinely felt it wasn’t OK to not be OK, that it wasn't the right thing to tell those people close to him just how bad things were. But of course, we know it's OK to not be OK, it’s good to talk, to not be judged to help support through difficult times.  It's devastating, in the first place for Ben, a wonderful, caring, fine young man with so much to give the world - such a waste of someone so special. Devastating for us, his family, all his friends and colleagues – we all miss him so much and wonder what more the world around would have benefitted from having Ben in our lives. Ben had so much to offer, if only he really knew that, and importantly believed it. Since Ben died we were determined to do what we could to stop other families experiencing what we are going through. We heard about the "FCNotAlone" 2019 football tournament, it’s links to @calmzone , and importantly raising vital funds for them. We aimed to do our best, but our real goal was to raise as much money as we could for CALM in memory of our son, brother and friend, Ben. Our motivation – simple really, if we can help stop just one person from taking their own life then it will all be worth it, we don't want another individual to die and another family to lose one of their loved ones, so unnecessarily. We were knackered, we were bruised, couple of broken ribs, but we did this for our Ben, we raised just under £5.5k with gift aid, money that will help CALM to carry on providing their helpline to support the many young men struggling with mental illness and prevent more unnecessary deaths...” Ben’s Groundsmen Captain Peter Robson. 📸 @jackmarge —————————————————————— CALM’s free, anonymous and confidential helpline and webchat are open every day, 5pm-midnight. Visit thecalmzone.net for more information and support.

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Cruz Coaching

Our ball mastery drills being used all the way in Asia 🌏 big thanks to @koj3898 for supporting us by sending us this video!

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@cristiano 🔥

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️ Stylers Crew ⚽️

Booom ⚽🎯

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Coach George Nahorski

Striker Elite Soccer

Cincinnati ✈️ Vegas! Great morning session with Antonio & Angelica! 🙌🏼🙏⚽️ @nike @nikefootball @ussoccer @soccerdotcom @usyouthsoccer @strikerelitesoccer

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