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Catherine Forsley (@catforsley) Instagram Profile Photo

Catherine Forsley

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Angelica Urrego

Guta Moura Guedes (@gutamouraguedes) Instagram Profile Photo

Guta Moura Guedes

Tate Modern

Thank you Tate for the opportunity of seeing such an incredible amount of Taki’s work, so well curated an installed. This revolutionary greek artist who changed so many paradigms, joining art, science, sound, sculpture, energy, magnetism, experimenting and risking new ways of understanding and changing the world. “We try to achieve spiritual collaboration between artist and scientist. Otherwise the technology is just a gadget.” #socialactivism @tate

Jelena Ena Andjelkovic (@foreignersofberlin) Instagram Profile Photo

Jelena Ena Andjelkovic

Berlin, Germany

as i was drawing from a columbian patient earlier today, i asked him: “so how have your first months been in this new city?”. amazing – his immediate response. i finished his thought saying “it’s the city of freedom. welcome!” three and a half years ago BORIS started a new life in berlin as a young, undefined BULGARIAN longing to find himself in this cornucopia of opportunities. he finds it quite difficult not to adore berlin, especially in its few days of sunny weather. yet could this fluid space that lets him mold himself from one into another bring the secure feeling of home? he still doesn’t know, but he loves it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #socialactivism

Bristol, United Kingdom

If not now, when? Act now for precious mother Earth, that enables us to exist. 🌍 • @extinctionrebellion is all over the world by now - people who care about the planet are coming together to raise awareness - for the climate and ecological emergency including mass extinction of species that is already happening - in a non-violent and non-blaming way with all the police etc informed in advance. I'm sure there are groups close to you! Have a look at @extinctionrebellion, @extinctionrebelliondeutschland and all other pages! 🍃 I can recommend starting of getting some knowledge with the brand new XR handbook. • Ps: I love how sweet and patient the English police is! ° ° ° #socialactivism

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