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Roth Construction, Inc.

We were blessed last week to be able to continue to provide to Local Charities and Organization that benefit LOCAL kids and families in the VICTORIA area! Thanks Roth Construction for your amazing 1st year Scholarship Fundraiser that raised over $20,000 for local teens to further their education! Because of the amazing support of our customers and clients we were able to give back $350 from our monthly Smoothie Bar Takeover right back to them! #socialgood

I grew up in Queens where I would see and hear so many instances of domestic violence and child abuse in immigrant households where the work hustle is tough, cultural adaptation has obstacles, and women are told “shhh, keep quiet, this is a personal family matter,” and the innocent children end up suffering for decades. And so I volunteer my time with @iamwomankind to help make a difference. I lead English- and Spanish-language workshops at public schools in Queens to teach parents about healthy relationships and the long-term effects of violence on children. Did you know that personality starts forming at ages 0-5? So for kids who witness and experience violence, their neural pathways start forming what may lead to lifelong patterns for and depression? If you’re in an unsafe environment here in NYC, I recommend using the multilingual FREE services that Womankind offers (legal, shelter, counseling, childcare, job fairs, etc., etc.). And if you want to help make an impact on the problem of violence against women and children, please feel free to reach out to me and ask how you can volunteer with Womankind. Stay safe and healthy (and cool and hydrated!) ❤️❤️❤️ #socialgood

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Opportunity Collaboration

Nick Tilsen is the President & CEO of NDN Collective. NDN Collective is building the power of Indigenous People, communities, and Nations to exercise our inherent right to self-determination, while fostering a world that is built on a foundation of justice and equity for all people and the planet. NDN Collective manages a charitable foundation, a CDFI impact fund, and capacity-building & advocacy organizations. As a Delegate of the OC community, Nick offers insights on building non-profit organizations from scratch in a philanthropic poor environment, and how to keep the community engaged during this process. Connect with delegates like Nick at OC 2019. Register today! #socialgood

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Muslim Hands Canada 🇨🇦

Sudan Qurbani: $80 for one share (Per Animal) PURCHASE YOUR QURBANI NOW!

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Dillon Maverick Johnson

Kimberley, Northern Cape

Our youth needs positivity. They need physical exercise, they need to get off Instagram and start living a life. Skateboarding does wonders for people. It gives our kids a new way of life that goes against the grain of what society currently offering, under correct supervision skateboarding can become a career path. Do your research about Jean-marc Johannes, a Cape Town skater who received special recognition at the Cape Town Sports Council Awards at UWC last year and is still making moves as a professional skater to date! Skateboarding serves as an outlet for frustration and boredom. It gets us active outside in a social environment. Rural communities are notorious for their drug and alcohol abuse statistics. There are so many ways for rural community dwellers to find themselves hooked up with criminal records and addictions and are in dire need of a "new" life. Skateboarding can be this new direction they are searching for, it is a proactive attack against gangsterism, prostitution and addiction. ✝️♥️ @jeanmarcskate also recently got the wild card invite to compete in Official Olympic points event of USA this week 🇺🇲🛹🙏 We're so proud of you brother, and South Africa is behind you 100% 😁 🌐 SLS | World Skate Global Open 🌐 #socialgood

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