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Punya 𓆃 Empress Expert (@priestessoflove) Instagram Profile Photo

Punya 𓆃 Empress Expert

Matt The Alchemist (@alchemist.matt) Instagram Profile Photo

Matt The Alchemist

The Magician represents a person endowed with intelligence and creative ability, who knows how to use the tools available to carry out what is proposed.He is master of himself; everything he does is in accord with his Will. He does not act randomly or guided by instinct; what drives it is Reason, which is used to design the future. . The magician's advice Decide on your goal. Schedule. Use the thought to create. Use intelligence to find the solution. Use the word and reason to persuade others to cooperate. Find reasons and arguments to support your idea. Don't wait for things to resolve themselves. Give your life a direction. Be the one who decides to change your life, and act accordingly. Take action. Turn dreams into reality with both physical and mental action. Cultivate your intellect. Use the Will. Organize your life and your environment, both mental and physical. . . Follow 👉@alchemist.matt . . . **************************************************             #spiritual     

Erick Andika (@erc_andika) Instagram Profile Photo

Erick Andika

Laporan pak; "Wayang (Gunungan) ke dua dari 5 telah ditatah. Mari kita berdua renungan setelah 5 waktu agar tidak lelah." - "Agak lambat ya!?" • "Ya, karena kesibukan yang lain." - "Memang proses sedikit lambat tetapi keluar menyerah & berhenti tidak akan mempercepat!?" ✍... 2019 Seni tanya Kemudian sak ketuk Bismillah lan bakal tutuk saking kersane Allah... #spiritual | Ngopi: "Ngolah Pikiran & Hati." ✌

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