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Rob Roems | Poetry Disruptor (@robroems) Instagram Profile Photo

Rob Roems | Poetry Disruptor

G. Saucedo - Poet (@poeticlove329) Instagram Profile Photo

G. Saucedo - Poet

Reposted from @merryriana (@get_regrann) - Semua orang mempunyai kesempatan untuk mencapai impian masing-masing modal utama untuk mencapau impian bukanlah uang tetapi KEBERANIAN. . . . #SpokenWord -

VIRAL  | INFO | UNIK (@viral_informatif) Instagram Profile Photo


Kecerdasan itu nggak akan membawa kamu kemana-mana, kalau itu tidak disertakan dengan kemauan, kecerdasan kamu nggak akan ada gunanya kalau kamu hanya duduk diam, dan nggak pernah ambil tindakan. Jangan lupa share dan mention di kolom comment ke orang2 terdekat kamu yaa.. Thank you ❤❤ . . 📚 Follow @viral_information untuk dapatkan hal-hal baru setiap harinya!  . . Jangan lupa tag teman atau sahabatmu yaaa.. 😊 . . © All Rights and Credits Reserved To The Respective Owner(s). Please Contact Us For Credit or Removal. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #spokenword

The Liberated Soul Movement (@_t.l.s.m_) Instagram Profile Photo

The Liberated Soul Movement

Jonesboro, Georgia

Just a Couple More Days‼️ I’m creating a Starry Night for You to Share Your Gifts 😁 If You Haven’t Hit the Eventbrite Link in My Bio, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR⁉️ See You Soon😁 . . The Liberated Soul Movement Like | Follow | Share @_t.l.s.m_ #spokenword

GoAsYouGo LLC (@blvckprofessor) Instagram Profile Photo


Atlanta, Georgia

Shawty like I be gone... Every single morning... Shawty be up mourning... Kuz everyday im on it... Im buiding up my armour I aint no prince Charming... I just watch the Karma... Shawty at least im honest... I aint really want no prollems... Shid I be zero tolerance And I aint trynna promise shit... Kuz people switch like sourpatches Aint got no time for it... ___ I love my mama lol... That unconditional even after the drama shit... Aint gotta promise shit... ___ I swear I hate getting too close when I be bonding shit... My heart on my sleeve and still you cant find the shit... Just being honest I rather ride my Gods... "Screams of My Past." · · · · · · #spokenword

Respect The Dj with Dj Swift (@respectthedjwithdjswift) Instagram Profile Photo

Respect The Dj with Dj Swift

NEXT WEEK‼️Yooooooooo I want to see all the homies in the building JULY 30th at the Karma Lounge. RUDE NYC brings you DRIPPING IN PAINT Art Exhibition. Also big shout out to @s_street_media @1718collective for sponsoring this event. Go follow them. #spokenword

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