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Kealani |Parent Managed| (@lapetitekealani) Instagram Profile Photo

Kealani |Parent Managed|

Savannah LaBerge (@savannah_laberge) Instagram Profile Photo

Savannah LaBerge

💫💙💫Beautiful Black Kidz💫💙💫 (@beautifulblackkidz) Instagram Profile Photo

💫💙💫Beautiful Black Kidz💫💙💫

To all the Folks that support Us Thank You So Much #stopbullying

Westley Nelson (@westnelsonhj) Instagram Profile Photo

Westley Nelson

As someone who had seen the live-action remake of Aladdin with my mother and youngest sister and was captivated when @naomigscott sang "Speechless", I will be blunt. I will never condone the situation that @taylorswift has been experiencing lately in light of the revelation that her former record company was bought by someone she felt manipulated her. This obviously means that her rights to her past work from her titular album to Reputation are likely compromised. Swift's first six albums didn't just get her to where she is today; they are a part of her identity and having it owned by someone who wronged her severely is like having one's voice stolen. This situation was why I drew the negative public reception of her in the form of Medusa and eight enormous vipers. Taylor, if you're reading this, please know that I felt your when the news broke and I truly believe you are a gentle soul who continues to believe in herself. It shows in your past music, your interactions with your fans, and the way you stand up for yourself no matter what negative people say about you. This is because all of your real fans, your real friends, your family, your significant other, and whoever else holds you in high regards will always support you through your troubles. We're proud of you for gathering the courage to speak up and teach us to think carefully before entering an agreement with a company. Thank you for everything you've done for me and my family as patrons of your music, including the chance to provide me a new perspective on what it means to perceive true love and more importantly friendship. I wish you the best of luck and I have faith that your current record label will treat you with the respect that you deserve. With kind regards, WN. #stopbullying

South Land Bounty Hunters (@crown_vic_auto) Instagram Profile Photo

South Land Bounty Hunters

This is so sad 😞 we need to stop bullying each other #stopbullying

Carlos Arráiz/Cabetto (@soycarlosarraiz) Instagram Profile Photo

Carlos Arráiz/Cabetto

Muchas gracias mi pana ! @orlandoguacho with @repostsaveapp · · · Una edición que hice del video original “INMORAL” protagonizado por @soycarlosarraiz y @pastoroviedo , dos actores venezolanos quienes al mejor estilo de cualquier actor de otro país afrontan los retos con profesionalismo y altura !!! Alguien debería llamarlos para realizar una serie con este tema, ya es hora de dejar atrás la doble moral, para poner homosexuales con características negativas y dañinas no hay problema, pero para tratar ese tema con la naturalidad , el respeto y cotidianidad que se hace en cualquier medio de comunicación en el Mundo, ahí si hay impedimentos !!! Es decir, para ridiculizar hay carta abierta pero para el compromiso real y la Seriedad lo que hay es miedo e ignorancia !!! Bravo muchachos !!! Insuperables ! . . #stopbullying

✍🏼دنيا✍🏼 (@thevoiceofdonia) Instagram Profile Photo


I was inspired by the amazing @nshoh1 that I decided to write a poem upon her story of struggling because she’s different. BE DIFFERENT, embrace yourself , love yourself , it’ll take time, no one says it will be easy but don’t beat yourself up for it. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to. • • • • • • prevention #stopbullying

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