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Jeremy Thurber (@jeremythurber) Instagram Profile Photo

Jeremy Thurber

Lisa Nadine Watson (@lisa.n.watson.fit) Instagram Profile Photo

Lisa Nadine Watson

I going 2 a short vacation tomorrow.I will be back Friday noon.I will take my with me.It will be my dre come true🙏🏻Me and my sewing machine without any distractions without “mom what’s for dinner “s.I will try 2 post my sewing adventures hopefully ✂️🧵👗 #succulents

美穂 (@miho5.1) Instagram Profile Photo


おはようございます😊 明け方雨が降っていたのに今はもうかんかん照りで蒸し暑い☀️ 今週はずっと30℃超えが続く予報💦💦 猛暑の始まりかな🥵 4月に で当選していただいた ✨✨ 梅雨を乗り越えかわいさ継続中💕💕 このまま夏越しも頑張れ〜٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ s

Kelli Beckmann (@kelli_beckmann) Instagram Profile Photo

Kelli Beckmann

On a happier note!! I planted my first succulent the other day and I’m SO HAPPY how it turned out. Hoping it doesn’t die! Fingers crossed!! #succulents

Driftwood, Texas

One of my favorite things to do is to set the table. Call me crazy, but it brings me joy preparing the table for people to share a meal together. I certainly don’t do it every night and with our busy life it’s usually paper plates. But special occasions call for the extra effort. (This was a table I set last year for a ladies brunch with succulents at each place as party favors) #succulents

yutuki ゆつき (@yutuki30) Instagram Profile Photo

yutuki ゆつき

2019.7.23 これ系ばっかり😁 ✽ 豆鼓順調です😂 最後のとかはあんまりのびが悪いな😂 対処法は愛ある放置👍 ✽ s

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