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Tarek آل Omran (@aw_so_e) Instagram Profile Photo

Tarek آل Omran

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April LeQueen

Birthday gifts. Dave understands me like nobody else. #swissarmyknife

Mummy & Home Life (@dolls_and_decor) Instagram Profile Photo

Mummy & Home Life

One morning in NYC we caught the subway to Spring St to the Victorinox Swiss Army shop, we got there before it opened, had coffee on the stairs on opposite side of the road. Mum, my sister, my husband, daughter and I laughing, talking and taking touristy photos of each other. Then we went into the store and got Swiss Army knives for ourselves & family. All different and unique ones. We picked this one to remember our holiday with and got it engraved with my daughters name as the whole trip was her (definitely ours 😆) special treat. I’m so excited to give it to her one day and tell her about our beautiful day, share our precious photos, but in the meantime I’ll be using it as I’ve been wanting one for a long time. #swissarmyknife

Hélder Camacho Gonçalves (@heldercamachogoncalves) Instagram Profile Photo

Hélder Camacho Gonçalves

Victorinox Pioneer At first I thought "it's only a few 91 mm" but then you think I have to get one of those 93 mm... These are 3 of them. 🤷🏻‍♂️ #swissarmyknife

Update to the Old Cross Victorinox collection. Left is birth year sak/dak pioneer, second is like mint electrician, third is an Elinox Old Cross, and two on right are pioneers. #swissarmyknife

Sometimes you just get lucky and find a near mint old cross electrician with its box. #swissarmyknife #swissarmyknife #

Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Не могу избавиться от навязчивой ассоциации с фильмом Человек - Швейцарский нож, глядя на этот кадр с дрона...🛸 #swissarmyknife

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