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♠️ Nylons n’ Guns ♠️

Wednesday is in sight... 🎯🍑 #tacticaltuesday

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Michael Bretz 🇺🇸

tuesday. Sometimes freedom means protecting it against those who decide to do harm. My prayer is that I never have to use these for self defense, but if I have to I know that I equipped to do so. I do not condone people using firearms that are not equipped to use them, or do not go through the proper channels to carry, or are reckless. I do however support law abiding citizens, who know how dangerous these can be and who have been properly trained to use a firearm to carry. I fully understand that this world is a sinful world and that we all need saving through Jesus Christ and I hope for peace in the world. • •

God 🙌🏽 Wife 💏Mama of 2👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 (@jess_farrias) Instagram Profile Photo

God 🙌🏽 Wife 💏Mama of 2👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

I’ve been at shooting lately so this got me super exited and probably can’t do this again, but this was 1 handed at 15 yards support hand, the other rounds were strong hand 😆 I yelled on the range out of excitement! Thanks @hunting_housewife for being there pushing me!👌🏽 tuesday

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AIM Firearms And Outdoors

Bradford, Ontario

It’s almost time !! Come by and get your free taccom program and receive a free AIM sticker with it. Also, inquire about tickets or visit @taccomcanada for more information on how to get tickets. ——————————————————— Come Visit us @aimfirearmsandoutdoors at booth 717 right next to the air soft range and food court! Lots of in booth giveaways, prizes, raffles and lots more !! tuesday

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DMOS Pro Shovel Tools

Las Vegas, Nevada

T A C T I C A L | We built gear to be mission-essential. This company was founded by a lifelong sailor, and on the high seas, your gear can be the difference between life and death. We overbuild our gear because under-built gear can be fatal. We use aircraft-grade aluminum and cutting edge engineering to keep weights down, so you don't have to trade weight savings for durability. We do this because you never know when you'll need your gear to perform. Whether it's today, tomorrow, or years from now, DMOS gear is built to show up when you need it. Happy #TacticalTuesday everybody! 📸:@Smoovlabs

San Diego, California

Mission Risk it for the Bisquick 😎 #tacticaltuesday

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