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મોજીલી ની વાતો 💕💕 (@gujarati_mojili) Instagram Profile Photo

મોજીલી ની વાતો 💕💕

YOUNG IZZY®️|🏴‍☠️ (@officialyoungizzy) Instagram Profile Photo


DJ.Ju'Daddy 2Sølîđ (@jugiie_914) Instagram Profile Photo

DJ.Ju'Daddy 2Sølîđ

@malvoschillspot @djmagnum357 @theroyalsocietygroup presents the CHILLIN AND GRILLING Show up and show off & Show. Come and join us every 3rd Sunday of the month. We are calling all the to come out and enjoy the ambience. Bring your Cars Bikes and come show off. Starting at Noon FREE ADMISSION Children are welcomed! Malvo's Chill Spot 920 East Atlantic Blvd Pompano Beach, FL Food and refreshments will be on sale by @malvoschillspot & @worldsfamousbartendingco Music by: Van Audio @djmagnum357 Featured Vendors: @civilizedjungle @melaninruntheworld @rufinawea_realestatesolutions @spicywear VENDORS WANTED! Please contact @theroyalsocietygroup if you’re interested Hosted by: @theroyalsocietygroup and the @royalsocietymodels For more info, please contact: @malvoschillspot @djmagnum357 @theroyalsocietygroup so please #tagsomeone . . . . Tag someone with a nice car! Tag someone with a nice bike Tag someone with a business Tag someone who lives or work in broward county Tag a promoter Tag a model Tag a vendor

👑Meme King👑 (@__buffalo___) Instagram Profile Photo

👑Meme King👑

(Small rant) Let me just say, Tranzit was the worst zombies map I’ve ever played, I hated the bus so much, you missed it you either had to walk through the fog and get attacked by those small alien or get by the hellhounds, and if you didn’t want to go through the fog you had to wait forever for the bus to come back, nothing was close by you had to go stop by stop to get something you need like perks or pack a punch, the lava was annoying and jet gun dick, nothing appealed to me in Tranzit so that’s why I will give it a 0/10 and rank it last in Call of duty zombies maps . . . . If you found this page on the explore page then don’t forget to like, follow, and tag your friends @__buffalo___ 🙏🙏 . . . . someone

mįñëčrāft mèmęš ârė grêåt - -i think the credit is right but if not, tell me please - - -follow @x_love.memes_x for more💓 - -that’s me ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^ - -ignore these📌: #tagsomeone

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