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Derek from Florida (@wegank) Instagram Profile Photo

Derek from Florida

In the pocket today, this custom engraved @les_george folder I picked up from the man himself! Only thing is, EVERY time I take it out of my pocket, that chanting starts! 😁 #tanto 🎶🎶 Soundtrack credits". Halo Original Soundtrack (Media notes). Sumthing Distribution. 2002.

Francesca 👩🏻 (@fra9125bn) Instagram Profile Photo

Francesca 👩🏻

Flava Beach

Vorrei che mi sussurrassi “MI FIDO DI TE” durante un “TEMPORALE”, vorrei che mi urlassi che “IL PIÙ GRANDE SPETTACOLO DOPO IL BIG BANG SIAMO IO E TE “. Che mi dicessi che “SONO LA MIGLIORE COSA CHE MI SIA SUCCESSA”, che reso “LA TUA VITA BELLA DA MORIRE” e “ RIESCO A RENDER FATICA UN IMMENSO PIACERE”. Vorrei che durante la notte mi sussurrassi “BACIAMI ANCORA” e mi canteresti che è sono l’INIZIO DI UNA NUOVA ERA 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🔝🔝🔝🔝😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎶🎶🎶😘♥️ ’ombelicodelmondo #tanto ♥️

Ben Tendick (@brtbladeworks) Instagram Profile Photo

Ben Tendick

Eugene, Oregon

SALE! 5” Oregonto kwaiken. This one features a .220” CPM 3V blade with my high performance heat treat and cryo. The tsuka ito handle is epoxy hardened and very durable. The dark zirc menuki on the handle matches the warthog leather on the Kevlar lined metal sheath. This one is double ground and razor sharp. Asking $650 + $15 Priority sh. First I’ll take it followed by a DM. #tanto

Knice Knife! (@kniceknife) Instagram Profile Photo

Knice Knife!

🗡Starts at 0! *2nd quality tip* Increments of at least $5. Shipping is $5 U.S. $10 Canada. $20 UK/Austria/Germany. Ends 24 hours after first bid, pay within 24 hours. B.I.N: 80! Message for video. #tanto

Eric Aasen (@inkatalyst) Instagram Profile Photo

Eric Aasen

@kizercutlery_inc Begleiter for . This is a badass knaf people! Sleek, slicy and superb fit and finish... flame anodized the clip and pivot collars bronze. #tanto

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