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Vanilla Sky

คุณชอบไปนั่งชิลและดื่มที่ไหน? 🍹 - Where's your favorite night out location? 🍸 - 📷: Sony a6400 🔍: Sony FE 85mm f1.8 🙋🏻 Model: @iam_alissara

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What a Wonderful World

Pattaya Beach Thailand - หาดพัทยา

Full moon...beginning of Vassa 😇😇😇 The Vassa (Pali: vassa-, Sanskrit: varṣa-, both "rain") is the three-month annual retreat observed by Theravada practitioners. Taking place during the wet season, Vassa lasts for three lunar months, usually from July (the Burmese month of Waso, ဝါဆို) to October (the Burmese month of Thadingyut သီတင်းကျွတ်). For the duration of Vassa, monastics remain in one place, typically a monastery or temple grounds. In some monasteries, monks dedicate the Vassa to intensive meditation. Some Buddhist lay people choose to observe Vassa by adopting more ascetic practices, such as giving up meat, alcohol, or smoking. While Vassa is sometimes casually called "Buddhist Lent", others object to this terminology. Commonly, the number of years a monk has spent in monastic life is expressed by counting the number of vassas (or rains) since ordination. Most Mahayana Buddhists do not observe Vassa, though Vietnamese Thiền and Korean Seonmonastics observe an equivalent retreat of three months of intensive practice in one location, a practice also observed in Tibetan Buddhism. Vassa begins on the first day of the waning moon of the eighth lunar month, which is the day after Asalha Puja or Asalha Uposatha ("Dhamma day"). It ends on Pavarana, when all monastics come before the sangha and atone for any offense that might have been committed during Vassa. Vassa is followed by Kathina, a festival in which the laity expresses gratitude to monks. Lay Buddhists bring donations to temples, especially new robes for the monks. . . . . only

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Geschichtspark Sukhothai

Die charmante Provinzhauptstadt Sukhothai der gleichnamigen Provinz lässt sich prima mit dem Fahrrad erkunden. Vor allem bei einem Besuch des riesigen Areals des Sukhothai Historial Parks lohnt es, sich auf den Sattel eines Drahtesels zu schwingen. Vor Ort findet ihr zahlreiche Ausleihstationen, die euch Räder ab 10 Baht pro Person vermieten. Alternativ könnt ihr euch einer geführten Tour anschließen, wie z.B. mit @sukhothai_bicycle_tours. Auf geht's! ✌️🚲 . . . #thailandonly

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