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Connor McMillan (@k_and_m_mechanical) Instagram Profile Photo

Connor McMillan

@prowestsales asked some of there installer to post some picture of the work we have done with pipe and fittings. So here are 2 recent installs. Pro flex is the best, easiest, quickest, and most cost effective product for flex gas lines. (In our opinion). Thanks to the men and women at @prowestsales #trades

So This is Motherhood (@so_thisis_motherhood) Instagram Profile Photo

So This is Motherhood

Underground 4 inch PVC install! . Being an electrician involves a huge scope of requirements. Here we are putting in the underground pipe to pull the big wire feed from the pole. We're gonna pull 2100 ft of wire through this pipe in this trench to power 7 buildings: brand new high school . This job is never boring. Full of interesting projects. We work in the sun, heat, humidity, rain, cold and snow. Proud to be a member of this trade . #trades

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