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Marietta, Georgia

A more perfect union. Glock 19, Trijicon RMR, Overwatch Precision trigger, Surefire XC1, Suarez International magwell. Backstrap installed. Stipple job on the way. rmr

@stiinternational STACCATO - P - DUO... throwing my Glocks in the trash.

Louisiana Shooter's Connection (@lashootersconnection) Instagram Profile Photo

Louisiana Shooter's Connection

All the good stuff 😎 __________________________________ #trijiconrmr

Trey Thomas (@treyfreedom) Instagram Profile Photo

Trey Thomas

When you create your tool for a job you perform, your needs should not be suggested by others, driven by popularity, or simply a theory. Your tool should be chosen off experience and what you know works, despite the harshness of the environments it is to perform in. You take this tool, knowing it can be counted on, for the valley of the shadow of death, lies just beyond the knoll. #trijiconrmr 🇺🇸

The Front Range Gun Club

G19 / RMR carry gun is sighted in. This will definitely do the work as long as I do. Many thanks to @modern_samurai_project for the training and setup advice 🙏 Just don’t worry about that little guy... 😎 🔴 is life. #trijiconrmr

Chamber_of_arms (@chamber_of_arms) Instagram Profile Photo


A buddy’s daily carry, was a G23 but we popped a @brownellsinc G19 PVD Slide on it with an @agencyarms barrel, @trijicon RM09 RMR and @night_fision suppressor height sights. It also has a @slrrifleworks magwell and a stipple job by @theonlywillfiggy. G23 to G19 conversion. . . . rmr

Laramie, Wyoming

I’ve used quite a few after market triggers, most of which cost a pretty penny. The best upgrade I’ve found so far is a $34 @vickers_tactical trigger shoe, and a $22 ghost 3.5 pound connector. I sure do appreciate this 19 gen 3. . . . #trijiconrmr

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