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Rachael Lashley 💜 (@rachael_marie_lashley) Instagram Profile Photo

Rachael Lashley 💜

اسرار محرمانه جهان ناشناخته (@mavaara) Instagram Profile Photo

اسرار محرمانه جهان ناشناخته

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Diego Nocturnal

Diego Nocturnal (@loldiego) Instagram Profile Photo

Diego Nocturnal

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Patrice Ricker

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Armand Ermes

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Man in compliments the . I was reading the Book of when this information was downloaded after reading Enoch 1 which says: (And the eternal God will tread upon the earth, (even) on Mount Sinai, [And appear from His camp] And appear in the strength of His might from the HEAVEN OF HEAVENS). The reported that there are seven heavens. I myself confirm that. The first heaven is the sky in which the birds fly. The second heaven is . This is where fell to. We know that because have reported all kinds of sightings out there. Furthermore, there is no time in space, being equivalent to eternity which is timeless. Now we know that devils live out there in space because they are seen on images. Additionally there is a third heaven which Apostle Paul visited, However, he never reported that there were devils there. One ancient writing confirmed that the devils dwell in the second heaven and war and fight there. This war and fighting was seen by Daniel the Apostle in his visions - the Prince of Grecia overtook the Prince of Persia. We know therefore that these demons rule over nations when leaders permit access. The ferocipus nature of the second heaven is shown to use via movies such as STAR WARS. How do they gain access to such detailed information? You know the answer to that. Humans refer to these second heaven inhabitants as UFOs, aliens, ETs, reptilians, s with a little "g" and whatever else they call them in the movies etc The Book of Enoch informs us that the true God lives in the HEAVEN OF HEAVENS or 7th heaven. He came down on Mt. Sinai as Moses and the ancient Jews reported. s #ufo @nasa @astronauts @bishophez @impacjazz @mossmercedes1 @donaldlawrence @kirkfranklin @de_yonte

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Mori Yuko

VALENTINOも きますね。 ブーム #ufo

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Grass Fed Creative

Sign me up 🙋‍♂️ #ufo

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Norfolk, Virginia

Live look inside Area 51. Playing a song off my EP, they must have hacked my computer. AUG 3rd TV DINNER EP #ufo

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Jimmy The Alien

Somewhere on the Earth

🚀 My name is Jimmy, and I escaped from Area 51! Let’s get this one to 1000 followers so Area 51 can’t take me again 👽 _______________________________________ LIKE, TAG, SHARE THIS CONTENT! COMMENT ⬇️⬇️ _______________________________________ #ufo

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Don Hefty * Comedian/Chef/DJ

Boom just like that... #ufo

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