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When there's no wine you settle for mimosas. mimosa

Omarthan Clarke (@omarthan) Instagram Profile Photo

Omarthan Clarke

Los Angeles, California

The best breakfast and painting. Good morning LA. #virginmimosa

Linda Bergman (@fitgirl_wimzla) Instagram Profile Photo

Linda Bergman

Breakfast for an early and chilly summer morning. Steel cut oatmeal porridge with cranberries and cinnamon. And a mimosa (1/3 OJ & 2/3 sparkling water). I’m one of those people who love porridge, it’s so comforting and warming.. and quick to make 😊 OJ’s not my thing, but my son left this splash in the fridge when he left for his football (soccer) cup. Rather than tossing it I made a healthier option 👍🏻 waste not, want not and all that. . . Today I’m going to have to buy a new fridge. The one we have is just clinging to life with shreds of ice. Looking forward to having a larger fridge, the current one is just waaay to small. Not looking forward to spending that money, needs to be done though. . . sguide mimosa

But I ain’t no alcoholic. #virginmimosa

Tiarra Minor (@still_lowkey) Instagram Profile Photo

Tiarra Minor

el Día del Padre con mi papacito 🖤 #virginmimosa

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