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Robert Nichols

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Shannon Gallup

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PROFE 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Sergio Arellano

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🇺🇸M A T T H A M M E R L Y🇮🇪

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Stefano Ogliari Badessi

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Alwaysdry Ahmedabad

Clear Your Vision In This Rainy Season !!!. Come Visit Always Dry Ahmedabad For Monsoon Checkup. We are Now At Ahmedabad Also. Address : Solitaire Business Park, Next to Sabarmati Ford, S.G. Road, Makarba, Ahmedabad, India - 380058. Contact Number : +91 95123 49010 #vision

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Aktrisa Teyonah Parris WandaVision serialında Monica Rambeau xarakterini ( Captain Marvel filmindəki balaca qız,amma burada gənc qız olacaq) canlandıracaq .   #vision

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Dan Cullom


EXTREME OWNERSHIP ✅ . If you want to make any changes in life the first thing to understand is why you haven’t made the change till now. . Be carful the story your telling yourself does not let you off the hook. I haven’t got time or I’m worried what people might say. . You must accept you and you alone are the reason why you’ve not got that promotion, lost weight, saved the money, read the book you keep saying you will read and so on. . Take extreme ownership of the things you want in life and except only you can make these things happen. . Once you do that and remove the excuses you begin to see that all the people who have what you want did was decide to put the wheels in motion and consistently chip away until they got there! . Believe in yourself and your vision and you’ll get there. YOU MUST OWN IT THOUGH! . Happy Monday everyone! 😁. . . . . . . . . #vision

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Got Comics Show

WandaVision hits Disney+ in Spring 2021! Starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda and Vision. Will feature a character from Captain Marvel.

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Ela Williams Designs

Some never really die they are always with us in our hearts and what ever else us. - - @stevejobsok was my driving force. His #vision creates and his made it seemless and his made it beautiful and perfect. He was a giant a genius and a lose to our world in his death because while he wasn’t the best human he was someone everyone knew was beyond special ! - - I drew this for a school project and it continues to be a favorite piece of mine. I got better at my drawing as the years went by but there was a piece of my soul in this. Steve came out in every and I try and live in his and that growth is hard and can be harsh but all is needed to no matter the medium. - - Live your life for you and not to please other or to pay your bills. You may have to work that job or go to that school but when your not there work at what you love and that will be your special mark on the world. - - Steve without you our world would be dull and technology would never have become mainstream you are our digital father and genius -

Blue Lagoon, Cyprus

Рассвет в голубой лагуне 🌅 ⠀ Ради таких моментов стоит жить 🧡 ⠀

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Heike Kalisch

Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen wünsche ich euch allen.❤ Es ist Montag und ich sprühe vor Energie💃🙋‍♀️ Gleich geht's raus, meine Berufung leben😍 Wie ist es bei euch Montag morgen❓ Seid ihr ausgeschlafen ❓ Seid ihr gut drauf❓ Könntet ihr Bäume ausreißen❓ #vision

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Business Gears Consultancy

Gear up club is on its way - get out of neutral and into 6th gear! for details check out our bio link. #vision

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