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Jac wants to play 🚂 games (@boardgamegeekca) Instagram Profile Photo

Jac wants to play 🚂 games

I'd been painting so many buggies that painting a human felt strangely alien. I'm learning that taking a picture is a good way to spot flaws. C and C welcome #wargames

Armageddon Club (@armageddon.club) Instagram Profile Photo

Armageddon Club

Aquellos que se vieron favorecidos en el campo de batalla ya hicieron valer sus vouchers! Muchas gracias @imaginariogames por recibir a los ganadores y acompañarnos 💪💪💪 #wargames

Backed it! The Inner Sphere has one new Galaxy Commander to contend with! Thank you @catalystgamelabs for the beautiful new Mech models - looking forward with massive excitement to piloting my Reseen Phoenix Hawk across the battlefields of the 31st Millenium! #wargames

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