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Sam Gregory (@sgtslash007) Instagram Profile Photo

Sam Gregory

Mosselbaai, Western Cape, South Africa

This summer I was extremely fortunate to travel to Mossel Bay, South Africa with some others from SUNY Oswego with the goal of filming wildlife documentaries. For those that don’t know, Mossel Bay is home to Seal Island (Prominently featured in Shark Week specials) and is a hot spot for Great White Sharks. I was fortunate to be surrounded with passionate and knowledgeable wildlife experts and enthusiasts. Please check out my informative film on Shark behavior and their negative stereotypes. Or check it out for some cool shark action! Link in my bio! Special thanks to @elton_owns_the_ocean for his interview. #wildlifeconservation

Wind River Bear Institute (@windriverbearinstitute) Instagram Profile Photo

Wind River Bear Institute

Little bear in the boreal forest north of Fairbanks 😎 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ conservation

Leslie Wagner (@leslie_hill_w) Instagram Profile Photo

Leslie Wagner

Serengeti National Park Tanzania

Since everyone is celebrating the new Lion King movie/25th anniversary of the original, here's a to my own real life "lion king" experience. When I was in the Serengeti, I truly felt like I was in the Lion King! We even called the warthogs running around "pumbas", and this lion couple reminded me of Simba and Nala. . . . . . #wildlifeconservation

Pennsylvania Game Commission (@pagamecomm) Instagram Profile Photo

Pennsylvania Game Commission

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

Earlier today, @pagamecomm hosted its first-ever Junior Game Warden Camp at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, providing a glimpse into what it’s like to work on the Thin Green Line as a Pennsylvania State Game Warden. Several wardens and staff from our agency’s Southeast Region facilitated the camp. Congratulations to the nearly 30 campers, ages 11 to 15, who participated today! Campers spent the day with our wardens gaining insight into one of the most unique, diverse and exciting careers in the field of wildlife conservation. The day began with a general overview of the mission of our agency. Campers then joined the wardens for some light physical fitness and confidence building prior to hands-on learning stations. The workshops included learning about wildlife forensics and methods used by wardens to catch poachers and solve wildlife-related crimes. Campers also learned wildlife capture techniques and why they’re necessary, including nuisance complaints and research. They also took part in outdoor survival and woodland tracking activities. Before the campers were picked up, the kids said they’d like to attend a camp like this again in the future and they learned lots of new things throughout the day about the Game Commission and what it’s like to be a game warden.

BIG CATS WILDLIFE (@bigcatswildlife) Instagram Profile Photo


South America

A beautiful Black Jaguar 😱 (Melanistic Cat)🐆. When you have a closer look at the color of these black cats you will see the typical rosette markings of a Jaguar are still present, but are hidden by the excess black pigment melanin, giving an effect similar to that of printed silk. . . Jaguars are found in 17 countries throughout South America, Central America and Southern North America. Unfortunately Jaguars are considered geographically extinct in El Salvador and Uruguay. Conservation status near threatened. . . 🐯 Follow Us 🐆 @bigcatswildlife . . 📷 Photographer Unknown, DM for credit 👍. photo via reddit. . . Conservation

💡DID YOU KNOW: Animalia is a shop — ♻️ Using only recycled and biodegradable materials in our shipping practices! · · · #wildlifeconservation

Another amazing example of nature juxtaposed with human waste. If been digging this theme in art lately. By @jsweisart.

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