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♥️ 𝓜_𝓛 ♥️11:11 (@marilina_linardaki) Instagram Profile Photo

♥️ 𝓜_𝓛 ♥️11:11

DJ Rocswell / Rocswell (@rocswellradio) Instagram Profile Photo

DJ Rocswell / Rocswell

La Vida Después De Un 🏥😷 (@irenedeguardia) Instagram Profile Photo

La Vida Después De Un 🏥😷

Ηρα Πριφτη (@ira_prifti) Instagram Profile Photo

Ηρα Πριφτη

Zoe Sherwood (@zoe_sherwood) Instagram Profile Photo

Zoe Sherwood

Αναστασία Χλ.👑 (@anastasia__chl) Instagram Profile Photo

Αναστασία Χλ.👑

Vanessa 🌈 🙏🏽 (@vanydory) Instagram Profile Photo

Vanessa 🌈 🙏🏽

Lou Blanco 🌴 | 🌇 (@loublancomusic) Instagram Profile Photo

Lou Blanco 🌴 | 🌇

Isadoris Otaño (@isadoris_96) Instagram Profile Photo

Isadoris Otaño

Starsung Dreamer (@starsungdreamer) Instagram Profile Photo

Starsung Dreamer

Context. Tone. Message. Judge. Jury. Criminal. Pen. Paper. Stories. Writer. Reader. Book. Muse. Artist. Art. Reality. Perception. Truth. Time. Space. Gravity. Black. White. Words. Hashtag. Picture. Fe. Are my creative liberties Licentious Or licensed? Am I a or a courtesan? Am I imprisoning us or inspiring? Is it the moon or a streetlight shining through leaves? Do I have rights to feel this way? How can you miss someone you've only just met? Are some words off limits when my audience changes? How can I be by the very thing that saves me from the world? You. Me. Something like love. Perception. It can't be everything. Please don't let it be. Indictment. . . . #youandme

Our shadow 🖤🖤 #youandme

Yuliya Bogomolova (@yuliyabogomolova_) Instagram Profile Photo

Yuliya Bogomolova

6 лет прошли как один день. Наши счастливые 6 лет! Впереди ещё столько неизведанного, столько интересного !Спасибо ,что ты всегда меня понимаешь,чувствуешь как никто другой. С тобой я всегда улыбаюсь и чувствую себя любимой. Я бесконечно тебя люблю!!! Мой дом там,где Ты! #youandme

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