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Hope Blankets (@hope.blankets) Instagram Profile Photo

Hope Blankets

Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest

Look at this gorgeous girl!! 💜 Tonight I got to meet Mylah and her kind-hearted mamma! Mylah is 7 years old and has Trisomy 18. She has an extra chromosome but this girl doesn’t let it stop her! And guess what? She’s 4 years seizure free!🎉Her and her mom are in the area for a yearly trisomy conference! There were so many adorable special needs kiddos there, I couldn’t stay concentrated😂Mylah was eyeing me and giving me smiles the whole time! I feel so lucky that I could meet this cutie, send some love their way!💞 - - - #youmatter

Dreaming, goal setting and making plans. .. .. #youmatter

B Loved Ethiopia (@blovedethiopia) Instagram Profile Photo

B Loved Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We have a trip heading out to see these beautiful faces in just a few short weeks! The team will be there August 6th-15th. Throw the dates in your calendar right now so you can be praying for the team, these amazing kids, and the incredible BLoved staff!

Niley Milagros (@nileymilagros) Instagram Profile Photo

Niley Milagros

You belong here!!! Life can be tough, but guess what? Tomorrow is another day with new and fresher possibilities. Take some deep breaths and feel your heart beating. That heart has been beating for you even before you had your brain. You are here for a reason! Look in the mirror and point out 1 thing you love about yourself. Is it your eyes? Your smile? That dimple on your cheek? Is it the that have carried you through life? You were made for so much more. Find your calling and hone in. You are worthy. You had a purpose before the world had an opinion of you. You are loved. You ARE love. And you belong here!!!! #youmatter

Shantina Evans ✨EMPOWERED (@shantinaevans) Instagram Profile Photo

Shantina Evans ✨EMPOWERED

You are . #youmatter

Grace For 2 Brother Foundation (@gracefor2brothers) Instagram Profile Photo

Grace For 2 Brother Foundation

If this is you today, please know that you are never alone. ❤️ If you are struggling and need to talk to someone, please call 1-800-273-8255 or text WYO to 741 741 anytime- day or night. We need you here and we really do care. ❤️#YOUmatter

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