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Purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions.


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There’s tons of awesome new styles available at www.511tactical.com. Haven’t checked them out yet? Stop what you’re doing right now and go take a look!

What can’t our LE EMT Multi-Tool do? It comes with a 1.5” steel tanto blade, two kinds of pliers, magnetic hex bit driver, and even a cuff key - making it the perfect EDC accessory to . Oh...and there’s a steel seatbelt cutter and spring loaded glass breaker too.

No, you’re not dreaming. 5.11 is giving you AND a friend a chance to win an elite weapons training course with @timkennedymma and his team of Special Operations instructors from @sheepdogresponse. It’ll be a full experience and 5.11 shopping spree in Las Vegas during January 2020. • • Go to the link in our bio to enter 🇺🇸

A story by @shawnpeach - "The kit for Iraq had to be discreet and nimble. The 5.11 LV10 sling bag was the perfect choice, there was even enough room to change lenses inside the main opening compartment. Plenty of separate compartments to make things easy to get to instead of fiddling around in one deep compartment. Will be taking this away a fair bit more when I need the run and gun option." • • Use the hashtags and on Instagram or Twitter to share your story.

A story by @jackswrite - "I’m a Sci Fi writer working on a novel about the first manned mission to Mars. I’m not in traditional Law Enforcement, but I do arrest the occasional noun who thinks he’s a pronoun. I’m not a Judge but I do a lot of sentencing. I’m not a Soldier, but follow a strict regiment. I a Wordster who recons in the hostile environment of my mind sitting in coffee shops with my RUSH MOAB 10 sling pack filled with inspiration, notebooks, and pens, they are mightier than the sword!" • • Use the hashtags and on Instagr or Twitter to share your story.

So you’ve seen our new Range Master Pouches right? That means you already know they’re purpose-built to be the best ammo bags. But what about for camping gear? Office supplies? EMT equipment? Your kid’s school lunch? Snacks you’re hiding from your significant other? Yeah, the possibilities are endless.

“They’re not exactly pets, but our service members bond and develop a love for them just the same.” @usairforce Machiko Arita carrying both a 5.11 RUSH backpack and a trusted canine friend. 🇺🇸

It’s not the size that matters, but how you use it. Say hello to our new AMP10 Backpack - a lightweight, fully customizable addition to our AMP line of bags. Tactical, practical, and ready for your next mission.

New gear who this?! Our Range Master Backpack, Range Master Pouches, AMPC Pack, Icon Pant, Bravo Pant, Double Pistol Case, and a lot more highly anticipated items are now available at www.511tactical.com.

Just remember, concealing your gear isn’t always about what you throw in your bag.

We’re now the official tactical gear partner for the @Spartan Honor Series! No other competition brings together civilians, military, and first responders quite like this, so we’re providing our plate carriers for participants to use at each event. For those who finish their race wearing one, you’ll receive this exclusive 5.11 x Spartan dog-tag.

Your story doesn’t have to be elaborate nor action-packed. @righteousdub here shared a story about how one pair of 5.11 boots withstood over 800 miles of walking along the Pacific Crest Trail (and he still has over 1,800 miles to go).

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