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Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum - UK official. Enjoy responsibly. Must be 18+ to follow or share. Inappropriate content will be removed.


Campari UK, Level 27, The Shard, 32 London Bridge Street London, United Kingdom

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Banyan York

Fireside Jamaican. A fruity, fiery Jamaican punch from @banyanyork made from Appleton Estate and @wrayandnephewuk . 📷@lucassmithphoto . .

London, United Kingdom

We're excited to announce we’ve joined forces with DJ @gillespeterson to curate a series of gigs exploring Jamaica’s influence on the contemporary UK jazz scene. With all acts hand selected by Gilles, the series will showcase the best new talent leading the UK movement. The programme off in time for Jamaican Independence Day and runs through to Notting Hill Carnival weekend across a range of London’s most atmospheric venues. We'll be announcing more over the coming weeks, so follow us here for updates and other news including how to book tickets. The Jamaican Jazz Sessions - where islands meet. 🇯🇲🎷🥁🥃😎. . . .

Crafted with joy by @forcocktailsake . 'Rum for Joy' ⁣⁣ 50ml Rare Blend 12 yr old 20ml Orgeat 20ml Lime Juice⁣ 20ml Orange Juice ⁣ 3 dashes of Aztec Chocolate Bitters Top with Cola . .

Bold and full of Jamaican flavour, what's your favourite? . .

Saturday cocktails? Keep things simple. Signature Blend rum, topped with beer and a squeeze of fresh lime. . .

Cocktail creator adds some Jamaican flavour to a classic Negroni. . 'Rum Tales' 30ml Appleton Estate Rare Blend 30ml @campariuk Cask Tales⁣ 30ml English Spiced Vermouth⁣ . Head to @forcocktailsake for more details. . .

A smooth, aged, golden Jamaican , a great way to celebrate the first World Rum Day. . .

Big, lush and fruity - what do you mix your Appleton Estate Signature Blend with? . .

Golden hour with our 12 Year Old Rare Blend Rum. Crafted in the heart of Jamaica. . .

Big up our fruity summer favourite! The mighty Estate Mai Tai. . .

Warm and golden, a delicious blend of 15 Appleton Estate rums. . .

Three Little Birds

Big up Jamaica! Master Blender Joy Spence and restaurant entrepreneur April Jackson, founder of @3littlebirdsja release the Appleton Estate spirit as they get together to talk... . Roots: "Everyone says you should do what you love and I love Jamaica…" (April) . Finding your niche: "So he said, 'let me put you to the test, tell me what you can smell' and then he recognised that I had such good sensory skills and he said, ‘ I’m going to train you and he trained me for 17 years and when he retired I was appointed the Master Blender, I was in fact the first female Master Blender in the spirits industry in the world..." . And the joy of : "Yes most people, I find, haven’t understood the variety and the range of s. I always say there’s a for everyone!" (April) . "Smooth, mellow, complex, you can enjoy in the same way you would enjoy a whisky or a cognac. We do have a for every occasion! (Joy) . .

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