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Classic Cricks.

I mean...probs🤷‍♀️

It's an honor just to have had a show for six months. Honestly, an Emmy nomination would have been GILDING THE LILY. And no one wants a gilded lily. So tacky.

For the love of God, when the f is Mercury out of retrograde??!? And when do I charge my crystals? Tonight or tomorrow?

It's visit your friend at work day! @kellyoxford has 3 days left of production on her feature film and @jengotch and I couldn't resist bugging her on set today, even if it's a million degrees in the valley.

Always here for pockets.

To be fair, it was my fault for waiting until the party had been over for 2 hours to ask her to take this picture.

For her birthday party, Cricket asked me to make her "a stand up rainbow cake with marshmallow clouds and a giant star on top." So. THAT IS WHAT I MADE HER. 🌈⭐️💗🌈

A real Friday vibe. Also. She is SO CLEARLY MY KID.

With the Instagram algorithm, what's the point of the hashtags anymore? Just discovery, I guess? Cause I'm seeing people's on Thursday nights and on Sunday and your on Tuesday afternoon. Anyway. I guess just post whatever picture you want whenever you want with whatever # works for you?? I'm posting this cause I miss working with these BBs everyday on Busy Tonight and they are my and also my and to my birthday but most importantly, ❤️❤️❤️ @kikihaircutter @ecduzit @kmannmakeup ❤️❤️❤️

2014 ❤️ Cricket is such a vibe, always has been. This is truly one of my favorite pictures of our family and it makes me laugh every time I see it. We were trying to take a nice family picture for Birdie's kindergarten school applications and I don't remember why Cricket started crying but the expressions on the rest of our faces are just so bemused by her. Oh sweet baby Cricks.❤️😂😭❤️

Trauma but make it fashion. ✨ @karlawelchstylist is a superstar for making me a custom crystal bandage for my skinned knee to go with my crystal bike shorts and crystal embellished blazer by @machandmach ✨✨✨

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