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I can't look away and you probably can't either πŸ‘€ Link in bio πŸ’€

shoutout to the people who get this because they had to read macbeth in high school and only slightly understood it (via: @sparknotes_)

My childhood... oh no... Link in bio πŸ“Ί

for everything from kpop to boba, follow πŸ‘‰ @buzzfeedapop πŸ˜‹

Hot animal summer? Maybe? πŸ”₯ Link in bio πŸ‘€

and you know i'll still be going on opening night, dentures and all (via: @joeynoelle)

Happy Leo season!!! 🦁 Link in bio β™ŒοΈ

Thomas Netherlands is the best Arachnid-Homosapien don't @ me (via: @twigcomics)

Here's what the cast had to say about the show now that it's over πŸ‘€ Link in bio βš”οΈ

"oh yeah there goes a '08 toyforda with NOS in the engine intake goin approximately 109 down the interstate" smh (via: @nadiiareed_)

Now I'm imagining what my mom had to listen to while I was singing these in the car lol πŸ˜‚ Link in bio 🎢

@donte.colley has a special message for you ✨ see more of him this Thursday at BuzzFeed's Internet Live!!

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