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“she was free in her prison of passion.”


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Go listen to this project NOWWWW!!!!! also me @teddysphotos and the incredible, unstoppable @iamcardib (her verse in this is literally my favorite thing), we have a song on here so go listen to that too!!! my fave is remember the name!!!

this is probably one of the most surreal things I’ve ever seen, Ed’s team sent me this from our session in Nashville when we were writing my verse for south of the border, I just saw it in the car and had this weird surreal feeling of being 13 years old listening to “be like you” and “autumn leaves” and “fall”- this guy right here is one of the most meaningful artists in my life and 13 year old me would never believe this video. I know we’re friends now so sorry for the not playing cool moment, but genuinely, this is a sick full circle, special moment for me, being on a song with an artist that’s meant so much to me. I have so many memories with these man’s songs. And he’s such a lovely person!!! I’m just emotional. 😭 life is wild. Dreams are wild. I’m so in awe of how things happen and how things you could never imagine can happen. and it’s only more of a pleasure getting to know you as a person- so kind, genuine, and awesome. I’m about to JAM this album right now cause I haven’t heard the other songs and I’m so excited!!!! Congrats on more amazing music!!! , Love you dude @teddysphotos

baby, i know I’ll never find you again 🖤 video with @iammarkronson is out now 🥀https://ron.sn/FUA/youtube

Los Angeles, California

💚💚💚💚 sweet human @billieeilish

what should her name be? 🧐🧐🧐🧐 find you again vid is out tomorrow 🥰


This is insane. Imagine any little kid in your family, or any family member you know living in these conditions- going days and days without showering, brushing your teeth, sleeping on cold concrete floors with aluminum foil in a room overcrowded with people. There’s no way our law system can justify this. I’ve been outspoken about immigration and my story, and I don’t understand how someone can justify this cruelty. These people are no different than you. They’re trying to do the right thing for their family just like every person on this planet would. They are fleeing from danger and trying to protect their little ones. They are doing what any person in their position would do. But that doesn’t even matter. It’s irrelevant. What you think about immigration is irrelevant, because this is NOT about politics. It’s not about whether you think immigration is right or wrong. This is about dehumanizing people and treating them like animals. This is about children being dehydrated, getting sick, having fevers, 4 year olds being separated from their parents. Women not being able to have a shower or brush their teeth in weeks. Imagine anybody you know living in conditions like that. This is not about politics. Don’t choose sides, choose children. Choose humanity.

just wanted to say a huge thank you so so much to you guys for supporting señorita, it’s been so fun to see your reactions- (we’ve been sending each other the best memes lmao) but really, thanks so much for supporting it and playing it. love love love you ❤️ @shawnmendes ❤️

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