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EDC Kentucky @primarymachine @tatargets Check highlights for discount codes


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Quick intro and thoughts about the @phlster Floodlight TLR1 holster

One size does not fit all. @warriorpoetsociety put out another super useful video today, and I highly recommend you go check it out. He talks about adjusting length of pull and I had to laugh. When your wingspan is 6’9” you just deal with craning your wrist. Bottom line is not to make excuses, but to make it work with what the good Lord gave you.

Anyone else’s wife into the @norwex cult? To be fair, her special rag and polish removed the rust. Still gonna need this slide done up because clearly I can’t trust this coating. • Also I have some holsters that need new homes in my stories. Check them out if you need a P10c, M&P, or TP9SF holster.

This is what I get for keeping this gun stock. Rust after only a couple months of carrying. This is the stock finish on my @glockinc 48. The really upsetting part is my holster has a high guard. The slide isn’t in contact with my skin. Looks like it’s time for this stock Glock to get some upgrades to the slide. What should I do?

Ain’t no party like an RMR battery swapping party! My birthday was a while ago, but the stripped out something awful when I went to swap them. Had to send in the M&P to @primarymachine to get it removed. They did outstanding work as always. So in 24 hours my two red dots will be back in service. I also decided to throw the full size comp back on the P10c just for you @fs_tactical 😝👊👊

@primarymachine puts together the best P10c. There’s not much about this gun they haven’t touched. • If you decide to use @primarymachine for anything use code “CANETUCKEE10” for 10% off


FINISH OUT THIS BUILD! What would you add to make this a do all AR15?

Y’all have fun out there. Just make sure you wake up tomorrow with the same amount of fingers you woke up this morning with. • @ffprovinggrounds ・・・ "Leave it to the professionals!" ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Everyone have a safe 4th of July and leave the fireworks to the professionals! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Stay safe -FFPG

Saw this on Facebook and couldn’t help but share. Happy Independence Day patriots! • DM for credit

There’s more than one way of doing things. For you gun guys, stay with me. I’m a volunteer firefighter on two departments. One is really busy for a volunteer department and one isn’t. Common practice for establishing water supply is to tie into a hydrant from the bed of the engine. Most city departments do this without even thinking. It’s the best way to make sure you have enough water. I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS.. at least not on a real fire. The in our beds are dusty. Yet we’ve never run out of water. How? We use dump tanks and water tankers for water supply. We are really good at running water shuttle operations because we have to be. We don’t have hydrants near every structure and the ones we do have aren’t reliable. So here’s the point. Whatever situation you’re in, it will place limitations on you. But t limitations don’t determine your outcome. They just determine how you get where your going. Almost no one has everything they need to accomplish their goals, but everyone has the capability to accomplish them. Work your situation and get it done. Don’t let anything keep you from doing what needs done.

Pistol vs rifle for home defense? Which do you grab? You might ask why not a shotgun? Because anything Joe Biden says is a good idea has to be a terrible idea.

This gun needs an RMR...

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